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Asifa narrating her ordeal from heavens

Asifa narrating her ordeal from heavens
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Faizan Bashir 

I was very contented living together with my parents. I used to take horses to woods to graze them. I was a grown-up child with pure heart. I was never getting bent out of shape to parents for petty things. I had very good friends who often played games with me.

One day, I faced some people who were very bad. They did something uncanny to me. I didn’t know what were they doing exactly tilll I shuffled the mortal coil. An uncle gave me some medicines and told to devour them. For a while, I sensed the worst-case scenario but instantly my mouth got covered by his bulky and hefty hands. Those men were nefarious and were all coming one by one with cunning smiles on their faces.

The wicked drag me to some temple where again I was given some medicines in an empty stomach. They were ripping off my clothes. Blood was oozing from my mouth and I got drenched in blood. I didn’t know what was happening to me. I was wailing Papa mama, but no-one was hearing me. Again I wailed BACHAO BACHAO, yet no-one replied. I was being kept alive at the temple by those uncles for three days and were doing some horrible things with me.

Some days later, I again became prey to erstwhile acts they had done with me. I was screaming and weeping loudly, but no one came to assistance. I was knocked over then and thumped with a stone in the head by that bad uncle. Blood was oozing from a wound in my sculp. Suddenly, my loud voices turned down and I passed away.

I have been informed here around this beautiful garden that my corpse was thrown in some woods. Oh! Family you were gobsmacked on seeing my corpse lying in the woods. You must have cried in favour of me. Where will you find “JUSTICE” for what the uncles had done with me. When in-fact they were among the police personnel and high officials. Where will you find “JUSTICE” when guardian of rules and regulations went against me and favouring those bad uncles. Where will you find “JUSTICE” when tricolours are popping-up favouring those bad uncles. Vitals of our humanity have been hallowed out, where will you find “JUSTICE”?
Whether the culprits be prosecuted out there or not, someone has told me here the punishment for them is severe and certain.

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