Khubaib Mujtaba

So do I

So do I
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The haunted night, the lonely stars miss the moon, so do I
Separation smoulders me, like ashes fall apart, so do I
The autumn leaf wails, eagerly awaits spring, so do I
The last rain drop gazes at the cloud intractably, so do I
Streets are devoid of aroma, ragged as in some epic, so do I
The strings miss the rhythm, lonesome fingers shudder, so do I
Blooded Kashmir goes down and down, so do I
Shams of Tabrez moulded Rumi, thus spoke he, so do I
Through pages and woods Rumi searched thee, so do I
Majnu loved the Laila, naught he beholded save Laila, so do I
Is it a wish or a prayer? Iqbal wept till the dawn, so do I
Tears led Iqbal to you, so shall ‘ey lead me too?

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