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To the angel, Asifa Bano!

To the angel, Asifa Bano!
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Syedah Mutahharah

A beautiful angel,
With a wise standard,
Just at the age of eight-
Set her journey to the gardens,
The beautiful gardens of paradise!

Joyful days are for children,
So were for her.

In the same course,
She left home for grazing herds,
Did her job gleefully- but,
Returned home with tarnished soul!
Returned home lifeless,
As she met human alike monsters.
Who strangled her existence forever!

For how long,
Little Asifa had bore that pain!
In place of tears-
The earth turned red with her blood!

In demand of justice for her,
Every alley saw Asifa, for-
It is her blood that spoke!
On behalf of Asiya, Neelofar,
And also Kunan and Poshpora-
The voices reverberated with.

Of observing aura of justice for her,
The story is still there,
Of receiving tyranny against justice.
The hapless Kashmiris-
Still get bullets and pellets!

My dear Asifa,
Hoping for justice under occupation,
Will inevitably join dust,
As this earth doesn’t know justice!

Your Creator is the ultimate king,
The Knoweth of everything,
Never will He leave you sad,

And the belief is-
Justice is His attribute!

Poet is Class 12th student and can be mailed at smutahharah@gmail.com

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