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Revisiting Allama Iqbal’s message for Ummah

Revisiting Allama Iqbal’s message for Ummah
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Tu Ghani az Har Do Alam man Faqir Roz-e-Mehshar Uzr Hai Man Pazeer
Var Hisabam Ra Tu beeni Naguzeer Az Nigah e Mustafa Pinhaan Bageer

Allama Iqbal, the beloved, a person whose Intellect and fore-sightedness is not bound to introduction, a philosopher from whom ideas flow as undiluted waterfalls of knowledge. His ideology is something like a wave of water in an ocean both agitated and tranquil at the same time, our brains can’t imagine it. I feel inarticulate to explain his equable temperament, his magnanimity. A student is best known and can be best described by his teacher. So was Sir Dr Allama Muhammad Iqbal.

Sir Reynold Alleyne Nicholson, one of the greatest scholars of both Islamic literature and Islamic mysticism and widely regarded as one of the greatest Rumi scholars, who was also a teacher of Allama Iqbal, put forward the nature of Allama Iqbal and said “He is a man of his age, he is a man ahead of his age and he is a man at war with his age”. It was the dazzling intellect, cynosure spiritual guidance and genius understanding of the intricate exegesis of life that made a child born in Sialkot, Allama Iqbal, about whom compliments like above were quoted.

Allama Iqbal once visited Masjid Al-Qurtuba, which was once the cynosure of Muslims, in Spain. Spain is the place where Muslims had have ruled for almost 600 years. While entering the door of Masjid Al- Qurtuba he was stopped by a Christian guard there and was proscribed from praying there. Listening to what the Guard said, Allama Iqbal broke down into tears, crying his heart out and asked the guard, “How can you do this to me, is this what we did to you when we ruled you?” The guard understood he wasn’t addressing a sole person but a cavalry. He said to Allama Iqbal, “I need to get the permission for you to do so”. Saying this the guard walked away, Allama Iqbal, sobbing on the situation of Muslims, ran towards the Masjid, opened the door and offered Azaan. The words of the Azan resonate in the air, gave a message to apathetic Muslims masses to have a think, be penitent, have a courage – your culture, your tradition, your religion is being prohibited to you. Retake and retain your dignity and sovereignty. The interregnum was the period where Muslims began to falter, and to deteriorate morally and ethically.

Iqbal was a man who dreamt of a Muslim world particularly Muslim youth which is exactly the contrary of what it is today. He was a man who awoke the apathetic Muslim masses out of their unconsciousness and unconscienceness. The man who had observed west to the deepest of its cores was prescient of what was unto gauche Muslims in near future. Muslims were involved in crusades with one another. Of course cynicism lead us there. The man foresaw their future and knew that to change the path belligerent Muslims were treading would require a great spiritual and intellectual flip.

He, with his transcendental philosophy, that was divinely blessed and is to a greater extent manifested in his anthology, reorganised the ill-affected minds of the Muslims of that age and ignited a revolution among every one of them. He taught them of their real existence, revealed to them every divine secret of their psyche, the reality beyond the physical soma, rejuvenated their thoughts and ideology, restructured their tactics and redeveloped their techniques.

Upliftment of Muslims in both realms was his profound goal. The man was blessing in himself. He guided Muslim masses, particularly the Muslim youth, to their zenith. Allama Iqbal, the enlightened one, was a visionary, a seer of Muslim masses. He wrote his heart in his poetry. His words are a remedy to the dead-hearted Muslims. Most of his anthology is nothing but an essence explanation of the Quranic verses. When Once asked by one of his friends about his arcane poetry, a magnum opus, being such eloquent, exotic and exegetical. He replied;

نکلی تو لب اقبال سے ہے, کیا جانئے کس کی ہے یہ صدا
پیغام سکون پہنچا بھی گئی, دل محفل کا تڑپا بھی گئی
Though the voices have emerged from Iqbal’s lips ,its source is unknown
The masses got hope’s message and became restless for activism

This unknown source was the reason his poetry, his lectures, his actions and reactions had and still have a deep influence on everyone who seeks to dwell in it. Iqbal is the one beyond the confinement of poetry. Iqbal used to get annoyed by anyone who called him a poet. He once told his mate, “if you come to know a drop of what I know you won’t bear it.” The Great Islamic Scholar, philosopher, Maulana Syed Abul A’la Maududi when came to know of Allama Iqbal’s death went under deep grief and said: “Today I have lost my spiritual support”(Aaj Mujhse Mera Roohani Sahara Chen Gaya). Allama Iqbal’s verses diversified the Ideology and mindset of Muslim masses, they identified their role, the dichotomy of life was conspicuous to them.The enlightened Muslims reorganised and elevated themselves from their deep-rooted astray and began to rebel their indoctrinated minds.

A guide people of any age would dream of was bestowed to Muslims of late 20th century. Until his last breath, he was there for the Muslim ummah and guided and made them lift themselves from dusts to empyrean.

21-April-1938 the day the enlightened soul was taken from this realm. The Muslim ummah started to deteriorate again.The interregnum once again had its genesis for the Muslims. Muslims again went to be heretic, justifying his verses:

وضع میں تم ہو نصاریٰ تو تمدن میں ہنود
یہ مسلمان ہیں جنہیں دیکھ لر شرمائے یہود
From Christians you have learnt your style, your culture from Hindus;
How can a race as Muslims pass who shame even the Jews?

Muslims continued to decline to the lowest levels possible. The ill affected hearts and minds were the reason. The indoctrination and proselytization of minds brought them suffer. The processes continue and so does the suffering. The masses are dead alive and not alive. What was never their trait is our education now. We have sunk ourselves in a never-ending materialism. No one out there bears a word, everyone has a veteran attitude. Cynicism has lead us to crusades. We are pernicious to our own selves. Almost every comment is derisive and deplorable. Inestimable opulence is conducive for Gargantuan greed.

We master hypocrisy, infidelity, maleficence and a number of other aspects to a number of higher degrees. Muslims are the paradigms of degradations from summits to ashes.

The dilapidation of our thoughts, our newly welcomed money gods, our decay from empathy to antipathy, our competitions over compassions, from dexters to sinisters and from rulers to slaves we have proven to decline and deteriorate in every aspect of life.

The legacy is brought down and has fallen apart into pieces. The once exponential rise has decayed more rapidly. The reasons are not any conundra, we know what caused us this and what’s effect is this. We just obviate the reasons and condone ourselves for our ills. We are befooling ourselves. Precluding ourselves from being conscious and conscience. Masking our faults from our ownselves. We are infidels to our own selves – how could we be good to others? We are leading an abyss, we are falling and have fallen to the deepest levels possible. This will lead us now where.
Now the question is “How do we grow”?
If the answers are still not conspicous.You need to re-read and re-understand.

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