Haris Wani

The gore of the martyr

The gore of the martyr
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In our lives,
We find ourselves engaged-
In achieving,
Career and wealth,
Reverence and status.

The Mujahideen fight,
To restore Allah’s right.
To fight injustice and oppression.
And make the world a better place-
Not just for Muslims,
But for the humanity.

Every day is a struggle!
As we muddle with life,
Balancing work and family-
For self and our loved ones only.
We are bereft of time-
For anything or anyone.

In the state of-
Dodging bullets and bombs,
Trying hard to stay faithful,
To the Islamic cause. And-
Resisting the urge to relinquish-
The sincere warriors fight on.

Work is very difficult,
And the daily scene is-
We forget our Creator,
The Almighty,
The ultimate provider.

But, the soldiers of Allah,
Never compromise-
With the rights and obligations,
Drawn by the Almighty.
In praising the Creator,
They are always found dutiful.

In fighting the tyrants,
Mujahideen get wounded,
Their body gets filled with dust,
They are found in debris.
All they do it,
For their Creator; Almighty!

The gore of the Martyr,
Flows freely.
Full of heavenly fragrance.
Intoxicating and inspiring-
For those able to sense it.

Poet can be reached at hariswani69@gmail.com.

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