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Ten Reasons Why Western Attacks on Assad Regime are ‘Unimportant’

Ten Reasons Why Western Attacks on Assad Regime are ‘Unimportant’
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Omair Anas

Two former European colonial powers – France and UK have joined hands with the US imperial ambitions in Syria – opening a ‘new dimension’ in already convoluted war. Here is why Western attacks on Assad regimes empty targets are unimportant:

1. It does not weaken the regime’s ability to execute more chemical attacks as this capability is completely in Russian protection.
2. The attacks nor weaken the Iranian or Hezbollah targets and do not stop them from continuing their genocidal operations against Syria’s Sunni population.
3. Russia is just more than happy to silently welcome such useless attacks as these attacks give Russians a sense of credibility among its Arab and Sunni allies, Saudi Arabia and Turkey.
4. The attacks are completely for just one objective, to secure a seat next to Russia in the Astana Peace Process and weaken the role of Turkey and Iran, an objective both Russia and the US would love to see met.
5. Russia and the western powers both are guided by their imperialist ambitions and the role of regional powers is just to keep them their clients, which both Turkey and Iran have already refused to accept. 
6.Russia has never reacted and can never react against either Israeli or American aggression in the Middle East, the Russian ambitions are precisely limited to secure a regional role equal to that of the West’s. The pursuit of this objective requires same imperialist tactics used by the West, create a completely dependent non-state and state actors, Hezbollah, Iran, Qatar and Egypt. 
7. Turkey and Iran have perhaps reached the limit of their regional roles their superior partners, Russia and the US expect them to stay in.
8. The outcome of these attacks may bring back the role of Saudi Arabia. 
9. The rumored death of the Libyan dictator in making, General Haftar, will disturb the imperialist designs of both Russia’s and that of the West.
10. The Iranian Mullahs will have to decide if they really want their role or be sidelined completely. Their demonstration of willingness to stop killing the Sunnis and offer them a respectful coexistence in Syria is their only chance to stay relevant in the game they need Turkey as their partner.

Author is West Asian Affairs analyst at Indian Council of World Affairs, New Delhi. He tweets at @omairanas.

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