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I see Kashmir now

I see Kashmir now
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Neeraj Nawaz

I see a galaxy of stars,
In the sparkle of your barrel
When you aim at my people-
With a finger on the trigger.

I see the festival of death,
In your bloody eyes,
When you play the naked dance of war.

I see a post office,
Flooded with letters,
Addressed to the disappeared!!

I see a girl,
Battling for her honour-
When you pull her scarf,
To molest her in the midway!!

I see the nights searching,

With candles of hope-
For the innocence-
You buried a long time ago!

I see the lullabies of peace,
Burning in my heart now-
Getting doused,
By the red showers from the skies!

I see Kashmir now,
Not as a paradise on earth,
But as a bruised valley,
Of graves and mournful people!!

Neeraj Nawaz is a Freelance RJ and Scriptwriter

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