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Jamia Students demonstrate for Right to Self Determination of J&K

Jamia Students demonstrate for Right to Self Determination of J&K
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New Delhi: Students from Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi staged a protest on Monday in the Central Canteen lawn, against the use of force and lethal weapons against protesting Kashmiri students who were protesting peacefully against the recent Shopian Massacre. Students protesting under the theme “Memoirs of Resistance: A Spoken Word event” reiterated that Kashmiris should be allowed to exercise their legitimate “right to self-determination”, ratified by UNSC resolutions.

Students from different faculties participated in the event. “Memoirs of resistance is a continuation of protests held couple of times before in the campus. The protest is different in a sense that it showcases the artwork of Kashmiri artists pertaining to resistance and students recite resistance poetry in the form of spoken word. The protest is a mix of poetry, political satire and speeches. Students take recourse to ‘resistance -assertiveness’ narrative over the ‘victim beating’ one, which protesting students believe is a new shift in protests vis a vis occupation of Kashmir”, read the statement.

A PhD scholar speaking at the protest said such seasonal protests help in polishing the political thought process of students. “The protests like these, as students, help us to reconnect towards realities and repledge our commitment towards resistance”. “Such events serve as an avenue for expression of sentiments, in different forms”. He also said, “Left and right wing in Kashmir are the acolytes of the same ecosystem and their modus operandi is to divide the people and insert the fragmented-statist narratives to puncture the resistance movement. To maintain their status quo they will continue to morph into stooges and collaborators”. He said that New Delhi by perpetuating the occupation is cutting its own groves and fearless Kashmiris, loyal not even to life, will become its biggest fear.

Another sociology student in his speech said, “New Delhi is using everything at its disposal to create fissures in resistance camps and subvert the resistance narrative by farcically referring Kashmir as proxy-war, cross border terrorism, radicalism, yet it every time fails in its nefarious designs, miserably.” He said its better to invest our energy in resistance building rather than looking at what Indian state and its compromised media sells.

The students also expressed solidarity with those killed recently in Palestine and demanded Israel to be recognized as an illegal entity that promotes state terrorism with acquiescence of USA. Condemning the killing of Muslim children’s in Kunduz Afghanistan, protesting students lashed on US and NATO and vehemently denounced their intervention in Middle East and South Asia as global terrorism. “They are carrying their new world order agenda under the garb of world security and democracy, which has resulted in genocides and displacement”, said one of the protesting students.

The protests ended with funeral prayers in absentia for Shopian martyrs, Palestinians and those killed in Kunduz after which students dispersed peacefully.

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