Owais Farooq

Educational Enigma in Kashmir

Educational Enigma in Kashmir
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The proper Education can edify a nation with new destinations and glitch in this setup indeed could lead to the decline of that nation.The fall of any nation is directly proportional to the mischief of the educational setup. The bedrock of the educational system are the teachers who have the entire honour to nurture the young folk. Their dereliction in their responsibilities is so hazardous which even the most costly things can’t compensate.

A glance at this setup in Kashmir leads everyone to marvel. This awkward system contains immense undeniable loopholes which are obvious like a sun. The main cause for this chaos is the illegal occupation. Students are lacking various important things which cannot be bypassed, like the shutdown of schools during the unrest, perplexity to resolve the coming dilemmas in occupation. Moreover, in a thralldom, the minds of students are being captured. Innovative minds are being destroyed through the blood-shed, aggression, brutality and suppression. The role of a teacher is the foremost ladder in the success of this educational system. It is a well-known fact that the teachers are the architects of any nation and their teaching is considered respectable to every measure.

The role of coaching centres in Kashmir can’t be denied. But the education has been thrown out from schools towards coaching centres completely rather we can say it is an effort to confine education to rich only and this effort is accomplished by the teachers sloth during school classes. This magnificent occupation is now turned to the occupation of earning money. They need to contemplate that for this odious act they have to pay. From preceptors students are not getting what we need for edification, we are lacking costliest things. Some of the teachers are only trying to accomplish the syllabus. Student minds are ringed by the word “syllabus” leads to the lack of innovation among students. The word syllabus has become a buzzword when the line of question is all about the education in Kashmir. We in Kashmir likewise rest of the South Asian countries are relentlessly running for the degrees, jobs, money etc. This parochialism among us verily leads us only towards havoc. We have no shortage of “QUALIFIED ILLITERATES” in our society. We have a lack of intellect and it can be seen through the manifestation of not using the intelligent brains in education department which ultimately leads students to opt the ideologies, cultures of other nations. This is the foremost step through which students lose the identities of their own culture. The intellectual asset of our oppressed nation must be utilized in countering the illegitimate occupation.

This is the age of specialization and a student can be well specialized only if he/she elect his/her field of interest seriously. How parents sometimes also become the hurdle in the overall development of their children is a question of multifaceted dimensions. Recently in our neighbouring village, a soul shaking incident happened with an innocent child whose father tried to put him in such a field which was beyond the child’s desire. The father tried to make him an Islamic scholar but the child didn’t have an aptitude for it. Hence he was back from the institution (Darul Uloom). He was rebuked when his parents saw him back home and stressed upon him to mend his ways for the folly. This incident almost ruined the child. But who is actually responsible for it, the father, the son or the educational setup? Undoubtedly an educational setup. The need of the hour is that parents shouldn’t overburden their children with their impositions. This obviously can put locks on their natural talent.But it doesn’t mean that they will leave them as such. No, they can make them understand with wisdom if they are on the wrong track.

In our valley, the educational infrastructure is so disgusting that one can hardly count the wastage of time. Almost every student hibernates during 2/3 months of winter, which causes one to believe that they had achieved dormancy. During the unrest, some of us consider the closing of institutions as a sign of struggle but we do not know it is only a conspiracy which in turn precludes us from our destination. Substantially the government is also responsible for the chaotic manner of education in Kashmir. The casualness from government provides a way for officials to do the same. Drug addiction is also a common disease among students. But the government instead of taking drastic actions against it is in contrary holding drug dealers in their safe shadow. Most of the drugs are supplied by the Indian forces in the valley. The senility of any nation can be measured by the degree of a social downfall but this downfall is due to obscenity among youth. Our educational institutions have turned into the fulcrum of indecency. The degree of iniquity can be realized from the students; the depravity and wickedness among our students are undeniable. At the end of the day, one can seek the answer to the question that why is it is so?

Lack of moral education in our institutions is the main cause of depravity and it can only vanish through the moral education provided by Islam. These flaws must be razed to the ground once the moral education is provided to the student folk of our valley, otherwise, the parlous outcomes are inevitable.

Author is Class 12th student at Govt Higher Secondary School, Hadipora Rafiabad.

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