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Kashmiri netizens storm twitter by #AfiyaWeSaluteYourResilience

Kashmiri netizens storm twitter by #AfiyaWeSaluteYourResilience
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On 30 March 2018, at 08:30 pm, Kashmiri netizens stormed twitter by #AfiyaWeSaluteYourResilience trend. Tweets were in support of Afiya Sidiqui who is serving 86 year imprisonment in a US prison. Besides appealing world community and Muslim world, netizens severely criticized rulers of Muslim countries in general and Pakistan’s rulers in particular for maintaining what they call criminal silence over the imprisonment.

The Pakistani neuroscientist is serving an 86-year sentence following a 2010 conviction for alleged murder attempt of FBI agents, U.S. soldiers and interpreters in Ghazni, Afghanistan while she was being interrogated for allegedly having ties to Al Qaida. Aafiya was kidnapped from Pakistan on 30 March 2003 alongwith her three children. She was then kept in Bagram Prison in Afghanistan.

On 29th March, Afiya’s sister Fauziya Sidiqui came live on facebook and thanked all people who have been her support in this movement of bringing back Afiya from US prison. “These 15 years of separation have been so terrible. Although every political party promised and supported at the individual level but what they didn’t do is to put a collective effort which could have been fruitful”, said Fauziya.

In her facebook live message, Fauziya also showed a short video clip of Afiya Sidiqui’s speech when she was just 19 years old. In her speech Afiya says, “Why we are in Third World? Why we are apologetic and submissive? It is because there are no such mothers who could give birth to likes of Muhammad Bin Qasim, Tariq Bin Ziyad or Khalid Bin Waleed.”

Afiya completed 15 years in prison on 30 March. As a mark of solidarity Kashmiris took to twitter.

In her tweets, Syedah Aasiyeh Andrabi who heads Dukhtaran e Millat, also stressed upon OIC and other muslim rulers to put collective effort in bringing back Afiya.

People also praised the resilience and determination of Afiya Sidiqui. Besides praying for her return many people dedicated Urdu couplets for her.
Some tweets also questioned the legal status of her imprisonment.

People also questioned the bias and prejudice of US towards muslims which landed Afiya in such a situation. A netizen Dr Umama Khan tweets,

There have been various voices arising in support of Afiya from western countries. Earlier on 8th March when world observed International Women’s Day, IRC, US based organization honoured Afiya by granting her status of “Woman of Century.” Free Political Prisoners in New York dedicated International Women’s Day to Dr Afiya Sidiqui and Palestinian girl Ahed Tamimi. On 23 March people of Pakistan awarded her “Pride of Pakistan Award.”

Besides that many human rights defenders irrespective of their faith and nationality have voiced their concern. A famous Human Rights defender of Pakistan namely Vero Kolhi who happens to be a Hindu led a foot March from Hyderabad Sindhi to Karachi on 28 March. As per reports, the protest march named as “Carvan e Ghairat” reached Karachi yesterday.

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