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Introspective view on political status of Pakistan

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India is oppressive and unholier, no doubt. They kill Human Population in Kashmir through their own bullets, bombs and hold their neighbour accountable for that. Their armed forces enjoy impunity from the serious Human Rights Violations which they perpetrate with tyranny in the shadows and broad daylight in the streets of Kashmir and North-east India. A good number of population of India persecute the minorities on the basis of their Religion and Caste with impunity under BJP Govt. Muslims nowhere, grudgingly, enjoy such second class citizen treatment which they inherit in India, so called Secular the World’s largest Democracy. Women are least safe in India. Why wouldn’t Kashmir demand Azadi from such a country which is on the fringe of Civil War as foresighted by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. But why should they join Pakistan ? How pious is Pakistan really? Pakistan cherishes in the eyes of many Kashmiri above all others and crave for merging with it.

Pakistan incepted its expedition after partition of subcontinent in 1947 based on Two-Nation Theory, but many critics believe Hindu-Muslim skirmish was just a yashmak invented to camouflage the political ambitions of many Leaders that time. While Jinnah’s speeches left many sceptic whether he visioned a Muslim Democracy or Secular Democracy, Pakistan ultimately became first Muslim Republic after adaptation of Constitution in 1956. The founder of Pakistan refrained from describing himself a Sunni or a Shia, the two major sects of Muslims but he was Ismaili turned Shia which came forth after his death. While Jinnah believed that all religions are equal, religion is something personal and has nothing to do with the business of state. I fail to contemplate how all religions in a state can be equal and its followers when State is practising, promoting & preaching a single religion, then be it Pakistan, India or any other state, be it Islam or Hinduism. This very idea to amalgamate State and Religion was flawed as their counterparts refrained from doing so, otherwise they’d have also formed their Hindu State which, most probably, would’ve resulted in its disintegration.

Pakistan, if we believe, was born as a safe haven for Muslims of subcontinent, a minority in 1947, but they ended up creating minorities within a minority like Ahmaddiya, Isamilies, shia etc. 1953 witnessed first killing spree of Ahmaddiya Muslims, then again in 1974 and still continues. Many Muslim & Non-Muslim members of Constituent Assembly and MP’s rigourously opposed various laws of Constitution and voted against them which were perceived anti-nonmuslim or anti-Ahmadiyya including Objective Resolutions, Ordinance XX, Blasphemy Laws, 2nd Amendment etc arguing that Jinnah had unequivocally said that Pakistan would be a Secular state. While Bhutto tried his hard to appease Mullahs & Ultraconservatives of Pakistan during his nosedive in 70’s after the fall of Pakistan, he even declared Ahmadies Non-muslims, but was finally ousted by Zeolot General Zia-ul-Haq in July 1977. Islamization of Pakistan reached the highest point of its celestial sphere during Zia’s reign. Hudood Ordinance was one such act of repression of rape victims. While 2nd Amendment of Constitution of Pakistan declared Ahmadies Non-muslims, Ordinance XX disallowed Ahmaddiya Muslim Community from practising Islam, usage of Islamic terms and prohibits them from using Islamic texts. It even disallowed them from saying Salaam to anyone, the basic greeting in Islam & reciting Kalma-e-Tawheed. How repressive it sounds? One of the reasons why present Pakistani society is counted among the most conservative & fundamentalist is due to the impact of previous policies of their opportunist Leaders and unholy dictators which have left indelible and unpleasant scar on the cheeks of Pakistan. Some things can’t be undone. We Proud Kashmiri Muslims hatefully say that India is turning into a Hindutva Rashtiye and it is quite true, but we bigotedly and willingly fail to understand that Pakistan has been a Theocracy or Muslim Rashtiye from its birth. It’s unfortunate that it’s Islamic Theocracy which most Muslims usually perceive through different sight. For most Muslims, Conservative Muslim is Muslim but a conservative Hindu is despicable and deserves banishment from our modern societies. This is bigotry, while I believe both deserve the same treatment.

Born in 47, coup in 58, followed by another coup in 77, then again in 99 along with many other attempted coups and national dissection in 71, Pakistan’s democracy is yet to enjoy its Salad days. These dreadful episodes have completely convulsed the Political arena of Pakistan. It missed every given chance to stabilise itself as no PM has yet completed its full term. Sometimes ousted in coups by powerful military chiefs, sometimes declared disqualified by Supreme Court of Pakistan for corruption and other cases and sometimes assassinated. Army has remained at forefront in destabilising Pakistan’s democracy, dreadfully craving for Power. Few senior officials of Pakistan army along with ISI run their own enterprise. They listen to none, they’re commanded by none. Critics say that they created a State within a State or more appropriate “The Deep State”. Mirza Waheed says that an ISI officer sitting in Rawalpindi is more powerful than elected CM or elected PM. He further continues saying, “We see no protests or unrest in Pakistan Administered Kashmir as all their leaders are dead, probably by the powerful ISI. Sardar Arif Shahid being a recent example.”

You can take Islam out of context of Pakistan but not K-ISSUE. Former Army Chief General Raheel Sharif describes Kashmir as ‘Jugular Vein of Pakistan ‘. Pakistan, since its beginning, violated the International Law by invasion of Jammu and Kashmir in 1947. Since then, Kashmir has remained a decisive prime mover in framing Pakistan’s foreign policies and its future. Most people in Kashmir don’t know the reason of plight which Kashmiris face today and its origin or willingly and irrationally deny Pakistan’s central role in K-issue. Most people do not know it was India which took case of Kashmir to the United Nations and most people deny to accept or fear to face the truth that it was again Pakistan that disallowed Plebiscite to take place as it refused to demilitarise PaK which was a precondition set by UN to go further. Others may dwell in the world of Conspiracy theories but truth can not hide behind walls.

It really deranges us when Pakistan talks preposterous about Human Rights Violations by India in IOK-Preaching something without practising itself first. Doesn’t it enrage us when US starts preaching lessons on Human Rights to others? Yes, India does every heinous crime in Kashmir. In fact, their every action is despicable and deserves contempt and obloquy. Their faces and their laws like AFSPA are more blacker than the blackest black. But what Pakistan did in Bangladesh deserves more contempt as they were their own people who had choosen Pakistan over India. Kashmiris after all aren’t India’s own people so we can’t expect any humane treatment for us except a perpetual lust for our land. What Pakistan is doing to Ahmaddiya and Shia is more gruesome than what India is doing to Muslims and Dalits. Why the population of Hindus in Pakistan has grown only 0.4% from partition till now? A simple question that I would like to ask those who believe they can live peacefully and blissfully with Pakistan; the support of Pakistan for Kashmiri Freedom movement is wholly and solly based of humanitarian grounds without personal interests, doesn’t it sound bias and unfair when you seem to be disregarding those women between 200,000-400,000 who were raped by Pakistani Military in Bangladesh while you support Pakistan and protest against Kunan Poshpora mass Rape? Doesn’t it sound prejudice when you disregard those 300,000 people of Bangladesh massacred by Pakistani Military while you protest against Killing of 100,000+ Kashmiris by Indian Army? Doesn’t it sound absurdity and hypocrisy when you support Palestinian Intifada and get killed for them on the streets from Srinagar to Sopore when Zionists bomb Gaza & West Bank but still Zia’s Pakistan cherishes into your heart who himself helped in killing more than 25,000 Palestinians during Black September ? Please revisit your unconditional support for Pakistan because if we start counting what good it has done post independence till now as compared to the bad and damage, it’d be cheery picking.

Author is Class 12th student at Secondary School, Aligarh Muslim University, India.

Disclaimer: Views expressed are exclusively personal and do not necessarily reflect the position or editorial policy of Oracle Opinions.

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