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Village comrades develop Kashgram App in Kashmir

Village comrades develop Kashgram App in Kashmir
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Ahmed Irfan

Srinagar: When Suhaib Rashid and Sahir Ahmad were working on their idea of creating an online application they were “criticized” by everyone because concept of creating social network which once can join list of VK and Quora that too owned by kashmiri might seem mad talk.

Hailing from Central Kashmir’s Ganderbal district, the duo developed the application in March last year, having features similar to Instagram, Telegram and WhatsApp.

After breaking the boundaries, the close friends both villagers say that they were inspired by Quora, an online website being used by many to get quality answers for their questions.

Suhaib along with his friend began watching video tutorials on YouTube and used the internet to develop the application. They were helped by some top notch foreign developers including Aibek (founder of Obliviate and Buytech). It took them two years so far for developing the application.

“In March 2017, when we launched the application, it was uninstalled by most of the users as it had limited features. Now the time has changed and it has many additional features now which are quite appealing for subscribers”, says Suhaib.

He says that the time has changed and presently their application has more than 5,000 subscribers.

A resident of Kangan area of District Ganderbal Suhaib, 22, is pursuing Electrical Engineering at National Institute of Technology (NIT) Srinagar.

“Turning a concept into reality takes time and hard work. One has to be passionate enough. We toiled hard to make this dream a reality. We had to compromise social life,” Suhaib says.

Sahir, 26, who contributed equally with his comrade, is currently working in a Delhi-based Tech Company.

“What inspired me to work on this were lines from my favorite novel which states, ‘if you have a dream whole universe conspires to help you achieve it.’ So I feel like santiago, we will someday find that invisible treasure”, says Sahir.

He said that initially their target was the local populace but now their application is being subscribed across India and expressed hope that they will make available on international platforms.

Kashgram has an inbuilt browser to tackle all formats of the web including html5 and javascript. The app is free from advertisements. It also has inbuilt blocker which is installed instantly on other applications.

They say that they have no budget for the same to compete in the market. “Locally there is no competition but at the national and international level the competition is high,” Sahir says.

Application has more than 5,000 subscribers and they have not advertised it yet. Even on their two major instagram pages of “@knowledgefusion” and “@learn.marvel”, they are having net user base of more than 1,00,000.

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