Suhail Khan

The Message

The Message
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O! the whirling wind
Send her my message
Tell her about my ills and pains
The throbbing spirits of my heart,
The rush of my blood,
The cold shivers down my spine.

Tell her about my writings
The words I have written for her,
For it would bring her ecstasy,
And blush a smile on her face.

The ripples she has created in my heart
are in their continuous tone;in the vast sea of emotions.
The scent of her body,
Still soothes my senses
Like that of a rose.

Tell her I’m not a ruritanian
but I will do all to make her happy,
I will fall for her always,
I will give away my prerogatives to make her mine,
Immerse myself into her thoughts,
Drown into her black tinted eyes.

Tell her I don’t call her a moon,
For it has got some dark spots
but I see none in her,
I can’t compare her to anything
I have seen nothing as beautiful as her
I’m not a fickle and I will defend what I say.

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