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KU’s UG Admission Process – A Mental Torture

KU’s UG Admission Process – A Mental Torture
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Life has never been easy in Kashmir but it turns more difficult when, at some stage of your life, you have to deal with one of it’s oldest institutions, University of Kashmir. I am sharing with you my personal anecdote to give you an idea of how students suffer at the hands of this university, that too in this digital era. Recently, when University of Kashmir started admission process for its undergraduate courses into its different affiliated colleges of Kashmir, I too logged onto the university website for filling my online form, but upon entering my previous board registration number, a pop-up appeared saying “Please, visit the IT section of your college for submitting your form successfully”. KU started this admission process on 26th of February and 14th of March was set as the deadline. That provided one with a total of 16 days, during which there are two certain Sundays, a possible series of strikes, blanket ban on internet and other problems.

On reaching my college to get admission, I saw a huge number of students queued up before a newly set counter. I asked some of them as to why they were in the queue, to which one of them answered that they were sharing with me the same problem I had come to get resolved. I too joined the queue, thinking that I was perhaps the last one to arrive. Only a few minutes later, more people joined us in the unending wait of being heard. I had joined the queue at 11 in the morning but could not get the chance to reach the counter until 3 in the afternoon – a long, feet-swelling wait of four hours. I could have avoided the ensuing hunger and anger by coming on the very next day but it was 14th March – the deadline. Many students were of the opinion that KU will extend the deadline. I took the support of this hope and returned home.

Next day, around 2 PM, I received a call from my friend informing me about the link being opened again. He himself rushed to college only to call me again to inform that the officials there have refused to accept all the forms on the same day citing the reason of the staff being busy with some other work.

Third day in a row and we again were in the queue of unfortunates. The sky was already overcast and it started raining to add to our misery. My clothes, along with my bag full of documents, turned wet. In an attempt to reach the window, students pushed each other and it turned worse when some of us got into altercations with our own friends. Again, this day turned out to be an unsuccessful attempt.

Fourth day, and I woke up earlier than my daily routine and prepared myself to reach the college well before 10 AM. Again in queue, after one and a half hour, I got the two pages, my Laila, from the IT section window. The struggle did not stop here. Entering ones subjects’ names in the form, getting the same updated online, getting the bank challan printed, depositing fee at the bank counter and finally submitting the form at college were the subsequent stages one has to go through, each of which demands waiting in a long queue.

Through this write-up, I intend to draw the attention of the people at the helm of affairs to take some steps to ease the sufferings of the student community.The University must make the whole process hassle free so that every candidate can submit their applications on proper time . In addition, in the IT sections of colleges, there should be multiple counters to deal with the process.

Author is a student activist and is presently spokesperson of All J&K Students Union-AJKSU.

Disclaimer: Views expressed are exclusively personal and do not necessarily reflect the position or editorial policy of Oracle Opinions.

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