Umair Ul Umar


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Intention wrapped in a lover’s caress
Poison oozing from each word
As they drip into eager ears
Sincere ignorance to reality
Confusion born of built up hopes

Healing the depths of soul
But unprogram loop up freaks faith and hope
Rising to a margin of love
Held in a pocket of deceit
No signpost engulfs all the determined hopes

Perceptional insight may be attractive in attire
Faithfully advanced in devotion and piety
But rationally proving illogical may havoc
Fruitfully, proceeds conspirational in a mood of agony and fire
False attitude drowns the destination in shallows

Innocence torn away in pain
Infer the process is unknown
Soul felt in trap of depths of foe
Ashes rekindled into a fiery inferno
Truth is veiled in a shielded avenue

Numbness spreading prior to pass
Twinkling stars are in a state of gloom
Drowning in a same deceit and foe
Truth is also a strategical approach
Shine is to accept by foresighted eyes

Let’s ponder and contemplate once again
Shun ego and arrogance in genuine way
Eager souls now closed to deceit
Come forward enjoy the dreams of actuality
Destination will be attained united we approach

Poet is blogger, columnist and a Software Engineer; can be reached at

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