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Geelani’s ‘last letter’ as Chairman TeH for his party members

Geelani’s ‘last letter’ as Chairman TeH for his party members
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The change of guard in contemporary pro-freedom political landscape of Jammu and Kashmir generated a mixed response from Srinagar to Delhi, however, what people missed is parting lines of Hurriyat patriarch Syed Ali Geelani.

In his ‘last letter’ to his party men, 88-year-old Geelani notes that he saw ups and downs during his journey but he faced it with all grace. He also makes it clear that he is handing over the guardianship of the post of Chairmanship of Tehreek e Hurriyat Jammu and Kashmir to party’s advisory board. The advisory board has elected Muhammad Ashraf Sehrai as its chairman till the next elections.

Read what is being termed as “most-important” letter of Geelani who is first politician in ideologically divided political camp to step down as Chief of any party in Jammu and Kashmir. The letter originally written in Urdu is now produced in English for the readers.

In the name of Allah!

Respected Gentlemen,
May Allah keep you under his protection and save you from the wrath of your enemy.
You are very well aware about the tough and difficult circumstances under which the meeting is being held.
Due to the wicked conspiracies of our enemy and naivety of our friends we have reached at such a crossroad where we have no other way but to be ready to achieve our basic objectives at the cost of our own lives. I have, in all my consciousness, tried my level best to serve my mission and objective of life, firstly from the platform of Jamat e Islami and then by Tehreek e Hurriyat. As to how much I have been successful is best known by Allah; who knows the secrets of the hearts. Since my youth I have dedicated my life for the spread of the message of Islam and in the struggle for tearing apart the shackles of slavery.

During the time of hardships I have tolerated all trials with grace and tried to ensure that my status as a Da’ee is not intentionally obliterated by me. As a human I might have committed many mistakes unintentionally. Even while holding any responsibility I might have taken unfair decisions but at least I can say this with full confidence that I did not take any such step intentionally or deliberately which might have hurt the larger interests of my nation or the movement.

Respected gentlemen, as I have said before, the objectives and mission for which TeH was founded are neither innovative nor strange to us, nor the way forward for their fulfillment is unfamiliar or unrecognized to us. Despite being thorny and difficult we chose this way consciously. So every prick of thorn in this journey has become a cause for rejuvenation of our resolve and determination. Be it the darkness of a jail cell, mental or physical torture, financial instability, economic insecurity or unending whirlpool of family issues, we faced and dealt with each and every trial with dignity and grace. Despite all this we feel no hindrance in admitting that “haq tou yeh hai ki’ haq ada na hua.”

My dear colleagues, this chain of sacrifices and martyrdom has its beginning in the times of our pious ancestors; it will continue till the dawn of doomsday. Whomsoever Allah honors with this blessed status is indeed a desirable soul. My age is more than 88 years. I have started feeling physically weak. Being house arrested since 2010, it has also been difficult for me to run party affairs and establish mutual contacts with my party members. Due to various such factors I have increasingly found myself unable to carry on the weight of the party and movement on my fragile shoulders.

The decline of the Ummah and the issues of public in general and the tribulations of the activists of the freedom movement in particular do not let me to live in comfort even for a moment. In such a testing situation, being shoulder to shoulder with my comrades is not only an honor but also a responsibility upon me. But not being able to render my services and still being stick to the post is what I interpret as imprudence from my side. So after thorough thinking upon the matter I have come to the conclusion to retire from the post and handover this guardianship to advisory board of Tehreek e Hurriyat so that it may think rigourously over it and decide any alternative for future course of action. As a member I will be with you till my last breath and my well wishes will be always with you, Insha-Allah. May Allah decide better for us and make us successful in both worlds.

Syed Ali Geelani
Rehmatabad, Hyderpora, Srinagar

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