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An open letter to Mr Tauseef Ul Rehman, a salafi preacher, over Kashmir freedom struggle remarks

An open letter to Mr Tauseef Ul Rehman, a salafi preacher, over Kashmir freedom struggle remarks
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Respected Tauseef Hussain,

Yes, I call you by Tauseef Hussain because it was your original name. I do not know why you changed it from Hussian to Rehman. Is it because most of the Shia keep ‘Hussain’ with their name?

Anyways, I write to you when your old video has again gone viral on social media in Kashmir. In that speech you are trying to prove that the struggle of Kashmiris is not ‘Jihad’ but ‘fasad.’ In the video you say that you have heard the slogans “Kashmir banega Khudmukhtar” or “Kashmir banega Pakistan” on the basis of which you conclude that Kashmir’s struggle is for nationalism which according to you stands invalid from ‘Islamic point of view.’

Firstly, let me tell you that one cannot draw a conclusion about the nature and objective of struggle merely on the basis of slogans raised. Slogans are only for expressing emotions and sentiments. Tradition of sloganeering is very old among Muslims. Neither the policy or strategy nor the dynamics or objectives can be reflected on the basis of sloganeering. Still if this is the level of your research then I beg to ask why you didn’t listen “azadi ka matlab kya la ilaha illallah”. Why did not “yahan kya chale ga nizam e Mustafa” like slogans strike your ear drums? Were not the slogans fall in between human hearing range of 20 Hz to 20k Hz? Since these slogans negate your assumption so that is the reason you deliberately ignored them. To present only one side of coin from pulpit of mosque is worst kind of dishonesty and hypocricsy.

The principled stand of Kashmir’s freedom struggle is based on right to self determination. This is what you should have talked as a scholar in your speech. It is struggle for demanding of birth right. It is struggle against brutal human killings, rapes, and above all it is instinctual voice of people who have got conscience and consciousness. This is not a Khilafat movement. If you are so fond of putting the crown of khilafat e Rashida on ummah then why don’t you instigate Muslims of 57 Muslim countries for this? Why are you putting such a heavy responsibility of entire Muslim ummah on the fragile shoulders of Kashmiri Muslims? No Kashmiri negates the importance and necessity of Islamic system of governance or Khilafat. And we Kashmiris have more pain than any other for absence of this important institute of Islam. In the state of oppression, we often wish to have such a Khalifa in Muslim world who would help us against the occupying forces.

Since you are saying that this isn’t the struggle for khilafah then can I ask when did we claim it to be one? Are we in a position to claim this and struggle for Khilfah? Our struggle is analogous to Muhammad Bin Qasim’s struggle when he conquered Sindh after he was asked for help by a Muslim woman who was in the captivity of Raja Deher. No wonders, if you will issue fatwa against him by saying that his struggle was not for Khilafah.

Similarly the struggle of Imam Ibn Taimiyyah against Tartars was not any fight for Khilafat but his fight was against the invasion of Tartars who had bloodied the river of Tigris and Euphrates. If they are our pious ancestors then we will surely follow them. Our people are martyrs because it is Islam which inspires and motivates them to fight and struggle against the oppression. It is faith in Allah which makes them to have an eye contact with the oppressor who is much more powerful than them. This is the food of faith and Islam which empowers them. The motivation required for this struggle is in Islam. These are the people who practice tawheed by not paying lip service but bearing witness by actions.

Tawheed ki amanat seenoun main hai humaray

Aasan nahin mitana naam o nishan Humara

Now as far as accession to Pakistan is concerned we believe it is the stepping stone for unification of Muslim ummah. We also want all Arab countries to shun their geographical boundaries and form a united Muslim federation. So what is the problem in arranging and keeping these different beads in a single chain? How is it invalid from Islamic point of view?
When Imam Ibn Taimiyah can forge alliance with Mamluk against Tartars, how come our asking for Pakistan’s help amount to nationalism? We also know that Mamluks were not having an ideal Islamic state or khilafah then. Similarly how come Shah Waliullah Muhadis Dehlvi’s appealing of help from Ahmad Shah Abdali against Marathas be valid and our support of Pakistan against Indian invasion invalid? If you cannot heal but at least don’t sprinkle salt on our wounds. When Allah accepts a call of an oppressed then even Pharaoh like creatures are drowned.

Warm Respects & Regards
Nadeem Gul

Author is an engineering student and hails from Beerwah Budgam.

Disclaimer: Views expressed are exclusively personal and do not necessarily reflect the position or editorial policy of Oracle Opinions.

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