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Eisa Fazili and Syed Owais, my university mates

Eisa Fazili and Syed Owais, my university mates
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Soren Kierkegaard: “The tyrant dies and his rule is over, the martyr dies and his rule begins.”

Martyrdom is defined as voluntary death for a cause. Martyrdom is the ultimate and apocalyptic vindication of the martyr’s cause and proof of his righteousness. The power of martyrdom lies in its potential to change society. It forces an audience to think about ultimate questions (if only momentarily) and make moral judgments. These decisions can redress injustices and eventually change the world. Because the death of the martyr invests a cause with meaning, with numen or “weight,” the cause is no longer ordinary. The martyr’s power comes from holding the moral high ground of innocence and purity.

On 14th March 2018, early in the morning, after I offered my fajr prayers I took my cellphone and started to browse my Facebook account. Alas! The news stabbed my mind. It left me like a living corpse, distraught with tremendous shock. My cellphone fell from my hands. I was dumbfounded and it seemed that earth was slipping beneath my feet’s. Tears started trickling down from my eyes. My consciousness was not ready to accept this news. The news was that my two hearty friends had achieved martyrdom in a battlefield at Hakoora village of District Islamabad in a brief encounter. After a while, I took deep breath, sat beside a wall and placed my hand on my face and kept my eyes closed. My university days commenced flashbacking, and the glimpses were refreshing in my mind how we accompanied during the days when we were pursuing the engineering course. The voices of these noble guys are still traversing into my ears that resonate and reverberate my whole body.

Contrastingly, how this gloomy state sponsored violence which is being perpetuated ceaselessly for decades now. Although it is routine here in Kashmir that our dawn starts with the news that someone has been killed and our dusk ends with the news that someone got killed. But this time situation was quite different as I lost my two university mates, one being my batch mate and another one being my junior academically(professionally). It was not a loss of just two bodies but a deprivation of two great intellectual minds. It was not a usual martyrdom of two noble bodies but the funeral of two foresighted brains which are now buried into their graves. They were always reckoning the ideas of revolution with solid analysis and perfection of occurrence. They were with sound mind with sound body.

As we were pursuing B.Tech in BGSB University, Syed Owais came to known us there. We became friends. As usual we were meeting during classwork. He was not a mere guy. He had intellectual mind. Remember he was the product of Burn Hall school. He had tremendous command on english language. He used to do poetry. With the time we came to know each other. We, all the private hostel students, used to offer regular five times prayers in Masjid. It was Syed Owais leading at front and making everyone to attend the assemblage of Nimaz there. Many times we needed money, for construction, wall paint, UPS for Masjid etc. It was Syed Owais who used to collect money for the said purpose. He was a man with mission and purpose. Once there was a poor man who had to undergo a surgery but he could not afford such an amount to make his surgery possible. Then a bunch of friends started to collect money for him and that time also, Syed Owais again came on front. Almighty had provided him with supernatural qualities. When this poor man was brought back to his home. This poor man was lone bread winner of his family which consisted of three daughters and his wife. So they had nothing to eat. I and my friend cooked food for this family because we had come to know that they are out of food stock. In between Magrib and Eisha Time we went with this food in order to give them so that they may feed, but what we saw there that Syed Owais was already feeding them the food. Wallahi, we were so inspired that this noble guy is abafting us everytime. Apart from this, he was very fond of dishes. His Gajjar ka Halwa will always quest me of his noble soul. He had sound religious knowledge. He had good command on Islamic literature. He was excellent speaker with tremendous motivation power. His smiling face will always haunt me!

Another guy with blonde reddish bearded with pointed nose. It was seeming that Almighty had made his structure from the soil of Chehchiniya who are one of the best and beautiful race in terms of smartness, body structure and appearance. He seemed to be an Angel on Earth. He always used to talk in soft tone with low voice. He was very shy guy, used to talk less. But whenever he would talk, it was like a roaring of lion. Almighty had graced him both intellect and personality. He too used to come in our weekly congregations where we discussed upon different topics. And he was keenly leading to the front in international politics, freemasonry and other Jewish policies and conspiracies. He always indulged in revolutionary concepts with solid thesis. This very guy is known as Eisa Fazili.

Your martyrdom has surely created a vacuum which cannot be filled because your interpretation of life was superlative. I salute your vigour and vitality. I am crying and missing you. I once again want to see the smiling face of Shaheed Syed Owais and the blonded beard with the shy look of Shaheed Easa Fazili, but I know I cannot because you are in heaven enjoying there. I cannot wait until I get to see you again, I will see you again InshaAllah!

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