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The Spectre of Inferiority Complex

The Spectre of Inferiority Complex
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Owais Farooq

Since the dawn of mankind human beings have always tried to achieve great heights and somehow it was mostly achieved by the youth. The youth of any nation are its real resources. The mankind has always tried to overcome the challenges it faced by inventing new methodologies.

However, when we spread our gaze among the youth of Kashmir it will marvel us to see that we are overwhelmed by the spectre of inferiority complex. Especially among the students of Kashmir it seems like we have lost all of our enthusiasm to do wonders. It looks like we are filled with despair. We are bewitched by the cultures of other nations. We seem to have taken a sip from some sort of an anesthetic drug. We the youth are engaged in video games (COC) and are hounding towards the futile D.P contests. Our parochialism has crossed all the boundaries. So it is incumbent upon us to be cognizant about our goal as well wisher of our ummah we should never let the inferiority complex to succumb us.

Lack of confidence is another common disease among the students of Kashmir. It is the greatest barrier between we and our success. We need to eradicate it otherwise its ill effects are very noxious. Its pedestal lays its origin from inferiority complex. Many reasons can be given to it but to me the most basic of them is the presence of negative people among us. Their negativity is not only hazardous to them but also to the people circling around them. Let me explain you by a simple example that when there is the birth of elephant calf we tie it up with very strong ropes. But when it grows up we tie it only with a little cordage but in mature age he never attempts to break it because the hope of cutting the rope was lost because of failure in childhood. Even though it can break this weak rope in a jiffy but his mind has accepted that he can’t do so. Same is the case with humans. There are people who constantly push down our throats the argument that ‘we can’t’.

Unfortunately even some of our teachers in our schools are doing the same. The teacher is actually the architect of any nation and the students are raw materials. The nation can be either full of love and humanity like a paradise or a hell with flames of hatred all because of the teachings of a teacher. Teachers are actually preachers who nurture the young folk. This doesn’t exempt the parents of their responsibilities though. Even they must fill the hearts of their children with the hope and confidence of doing wonders. Hopelessness also stems out of unawareness about our exquisite past because for any nation to achieve goals the history of its predecessors plays prominent role to attain any target.

To the students of Kashmir… you contain the potential to touch the stars, to win the intellectual battles, to lead the nation towards new destinations, to put the impressions behind yourselves for new generations, to resolve the dilemmas of ummah, to lead the communes, to enlighten the world with love and peace…

Author is Class 12th Student at Govt Boys’ Higher Secondary School, Hadipora, Rafiabad. 

Disclaimer: Views expressed are exclusively personal and do not necessarily reflect the position or editorial policy of Oracle Opinions.


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