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An Open Letter to Militant Leadership

An Open Letter to Militant Leadership
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Raees Ahmed

My dear Brothers,

First of all a bunch of Thanks and adulations for being there to take an effectual stance against the illicit Indian occupation and brutalities that have been unleashed upon the innocent Kashmiris. There is no denying this fact that the dignified labour whose orchestration you have taken with deep sincerity is wholly and totally based upon selflessness, righteousness and only for a greater ethical cause. There lies no egoism behind your great ambitions; we acclaim that. Even when some people call you Terrorists or Pakistani Sponsored Insurgents, we must remember that a Freedom Fighter for one is a Terrorist for others. That’s how life goes on. But we must remember that any of your action must not end up harming the people of Kashmir for whom you are actually fighting this battle & whenever we talk Kashmiris, it includes everyone whether he’s a supporter of your greater cause or not. As our resilient leader Syed Ali Shah Geelani has said,”Its a Sin to kill someone for his ideology.”

From past few years, things never seemed to be in such a disordered and chaotic manner like they seem today. Last Sunday Kashmir again witnessed a horrific day with the killing of a Police Constable Farooq Ahmad, guarding the residence of Hurriyat Leader Fazal Haq Qureshi. But the most tragic and horrific is that its responsibility was taken by ISIS. Propaganda publicity wing of ISIS A’maq claimed it. The people of Kashmir have every right to know what ISIS is all about and what is ISIS doing in Kashmir and Why. I can personally tell you that whenever the word ISIS rings in my ears, the only thing that I can imagine is bloodbath, destruction, beheading of humans and all these dreadful crimes. I also will talk in the same language and keep the same opinion about ISIS what most Muslim people around us do __ ISIS is a malicious propaganda of West countries manufactured to wage a proxy war against Muslims. I wouldn’t even hesitate a bit to call it a “Global Terrorist Organisation”, even if they’re fighting to establish an ‘Islamic State’, if they’re the crime partners of West or if they’re the business partners of any other Muslim nations. They have no legitimacy and bonafides for being here in our Kashmir and Kashmiris will never open their hearts to Terrorists, nor will they stand for them.

But the very factual and senseful question is “Why is ISIS in Kashmir?” Dear Zakir Musa, in one of your videos you have said, “I can’t say anything about ISIS as I don’t know anything about them.” But later you ended up joining Al-Qaeda, its Co-conspirator in horrendous crimes. It was only in 2014 they renounced their ties. Your aim has remained always to make Kashmir a unit of ” Global Jihad Movement ” orchestrated by Osama Bin Laden in 1990s. Since then, you have given many times death threats to nonviolent Hurriyat Leaders, even once called them “Hypocrites, Infidels & Puppets of Evil” and warned to chop of their heads if they create hurdles in the path of making Kashmir an ‘Islamic state’. Every Kashmiri would like to call it injustice with the actual stakeholders of Kashmir who kept Kashmir issue alive even when you were not existing anywhere. You carry no legitimacy to threat them or kill them, nor anyone among you carries.

Kashmiris opened their hearts to welcome you but it seems only Kashmiris endure the brunt for their warm welcomes. One can anticipate from the current situation prevailed in Kashmir that the day isn’t so far when World will witness another Syria, Afghanistan and Somalia in South Asia and it will be Kashmir. This needs to be stopped now. The people of Kashmir are feared now, and desolated at the hands of both parties i.e. You and Indian Armed forces. They certainly hunger for freedom, that’s the reason why they open their hearts and homes to welcome you and young Kashmiris throw themselves onto the chops of death when you are trapped during encounters and they advent to your rescue, they certainly aspire for Aazadi, but not at the cost of bloodbath of their sons, not at the cost of annihilation and demolition of our beautiful Kashmir Valley. That’s not the Aazadi we all have dreamed. Even if it comes, someday another Faiz will rise and will say,
ye daaġh daaġh ujālā ye shab-gazīda sahar,
Vo intizār thā jis kā ye vo sahar to nahīñ

Dear Brothers!
There is a dire need you people should understand what are the actual ambitions behind having an Armed force struggling against occupying forces and running parallel to a nonviolence movement. In Kashmir we have both and it is a point of immense worth to be noted that Armed Struggle is subordinate to Leaders of Nonviolence movement. Also Armed Struggle can’t last long. It comes, it instigates people and gives them enough strength to fight Injustice and occupation so that people should not lose their morale to fear of getting killed at the hands of occupying forces and then return back. Armed forces execute a psychological war against the occupying forces so they retard any assault on civilian population or civilian leadership, in fear that militant forces may storm back on them more rigorously and violently. But we here see an antiparallel order. Militants are threatening civilian leadership ( Hurriyat ), militants are killing Policemen mercilessly leaving behind them their orphans and widows to mourn their killings. No doubt, you have described JKP as collaborators and a great hindrance to your ambitions i.e., Freedom from India, you have forewarned them from now and again. Their reluctance again propelled you to deal with them hardhandedly. But their unwillingness to throw in the towel seems steadfast and fidel towards India. So what Next? Is the aim now to kill a population of approximately one lakh? Of course it must not be as they too are Kashmiris, most are Muslims and they too have their families. What kind of a leadership is this which makes their own people bleed ?

You have successfully executed a psychological war against Indian occupying forces as most killings today don’t occur due to direct attack of army on civilian populations. I think its time to follow the last phase of strategy i.e. to return back and join mainstream. This will surely contribute very much to the ongoing freedom movement. You need to understand what keeps Kashmir ligatured with India so firmly. It is nothing but the presence of nearly one million Indian Armed Forces and the black privilege they enjoy i.e. AFSPA. Your return will put us into a state where we can make a substantial claim of AFSPA being removed from Kashmir. When there was no militancy, there was no AFSPA and their presence was also shallow. So you people also need to understand that AFSPA is the answer of India to militancy. When there will be no militancy, what will their answer hold to? Moreover, India is now in a more powerful condition than it used to be during 90’s. They have an army of strength more than 1.4 million. Besides this, they are a fully fledged Nuclear State. Their abilities, intelligence, their strategy to tackle insurgency is unbeatable and remarkable. We are living in 21st century and not 6th century. There is no Prophet here and this isn’t Battle of Bad’r going on. Miracles don’t happen today. If these ever resorted to their full power and reached to their highest level of inhumanity, they will crush us into pieces, burn us to ashes and bomb us to back stone ages and not a single nation in the whole world will say ” Why India Why?” Not only UN, US or Pakistan.

You’re the people of immense potential and relentless strength. You’re blessed with the abilities to lead the folks. You’re the leaders of masses. Your residence in wilderness and jungles doesn’t suit to your high profile. You all are of immense value and you are the people who will liberate these occupied lands and valleys but only when you will shun militancy and join the mainstream. You’re the rulers of prodigious robustness and therefore giving up a “Powerful Pen” to hold a “Powerless Gun” is shame. I hope this letter will reach to you and convey the message and these words from a 17 year old kid will make an effective impact on your self-consciousness. May peace Prevail.

Author studies in Class 12th at Secondary School, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh. 

Disclaimer: Views expressed are exclusively personal and do not necessarily reflect the position or editorial policy of Oracle Opinions.

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