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Do Not Forget – O’ My Countrymen

Do Not Forget – O’ My Countrymen
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Now I’ve returned,
The place, the country,
Where my hope of life was snatched,
‘They call them security’
‘They call them brave’
And those uniformed-
Snatched me from myself!

From January,
So frightened I observe myself,
To turn its page.
As it witnessed my hopeless shrieks!
The horror, the lived nightmare!
It reminds me of.

The trees have been ugly to me,
For they turn their face from me.
As if they don’t belong to me.
As if I’m about to chop them.

This is my memory,
The state of being shattered!
The state of losing life completely!
Do not forget me,
O’ my countrymen
For alike me,
Of occupation,
Others have also become its prey.

Do not forget my those shrieks
For rescue,
For my honour,
For my hour of despondency,
Do not forget
O’ my countrymen

This Poem is an elegy as well as a remembrance for the intervening night of 23rd and 24th of February 1991, the night when almost 53 women, including a handicap girl of Kunan Poshpora (twin villages of District Kupwara), were raped by Indian Army. The accused were never brought to legal trials till date and as a result the victims never get exposed to justice.

Author is an Independent Researcher and a Professional Social Worker; can be reached at

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