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Man and Human, How Different?

Man and Human, How Different?
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Raees Ahmed

Even if we’re the progeny of apes or any other animal, that shouldn’t be our pretence how we sometimes justify our inhumane behaviour. By saying humans are evolved from animals, which justifies their animal behaviour, is no doubt a stereotype that we have cultivated into our minds to justify our transgression. We are humans, our religion is humanity, our faith should be love and the job of a human is to worship Peace. But there is a strong need we revisit and alter the definition of Human.

Having a human shape, living in a human society certainly doesn’t make anyone a human. Human is a character, given to any person who is innocent enough not harming any other living/non-living being without any legitimacy or without a reasonable rationale and can sense the pain of other living/non-living beings. Not all men are human. The man who is lacking these characters should be disbarred from the list of humans. Not only this, he should be divested from his rights which a normal human being enjoys and the kind etiquette he secures from a human society. Those who live their whole lives in hating others and killing or harming others for no cause aren’t Humans. No one has right to defend them. Their characteristics are hateful. They are detriment to others, they scrounge and blemish our beautiful earth, they plunder peace & love from our lives and importantly they tempt us to hate them. They are nocuous elements, must be sequestered or confiscated if we want to save our mother earth.

There is no orifice for hate in a human society. These characteristics like hatred and loath belong to men, not humans. No human is born to be hated, nor any other human enjoys the privilege to hate others. To hate humans is, undeniably, not the characteristic of a Human being. Even love towards animals, plants and environment is the basic characteristic of a humane nature. If we’ll remove those diversities from our society which differentiate us from others like nationality, caste, colour, gender and so on, we’ll find everyone equal and akin. These differences are cradle of hate. They give birth to hate, they propagate & carry over hate and they teach us nothing but hate. If these fringe elements keep on existing in our society, they will erode it and perhaps no elixir can remedy the malady they breed.

Eventually, humans need to understand they are the primogenitor of every other form of man. It is the black as well as white which evolve from a human. Muslim, Hindu, Christian, and everyone. Man and woman, both as well. So nothing can govern a human, no disengage should differentiate him from others, not even religion, nationality, colour or anything else. All humans are equal. These differentiating factors, perhaps, suit more to a man, not a human whose only job is to love everyone without bigotry.

Philanthropy is the noblest service to mankind. Humans are born to serve others. Iqbal’s “dard-e-dil ke vāste paidā kia insān ko” reminds us the ultimate goal of a human. One human is the guardian of other human. We must salute all those Human Rights Activists and philanthropists who defend human rights without bigotry and biases. We must be thankful to them. They spend their entire life in caring others. Only a human can understand the pain of other human. They deserve best rewards for their selfless work. They follow the path of altruism and we all need to brace beside them & support them sturdy. Every human is a human rights activist and it is obligatory on him to defend his own rights and others as well. But Human Rights Activism if performed with a lack of consideration for other people due to concern with one’s own personal profit or pleasure, and if perpetrated for personal renown and stardom, it will result in Human rights violations getting unnoticed and unseen. Not only this, it will also help criminals not getting convicted for the crimes they commit sans fear of law and authorities. This will have the worst effect on human society. It will result in the surge of crime rate against humans. Sometimes they even dictate and demand justice for criminals, paradoxically for those who have committed heinous crimes like murder of innocents, kids and rape. This almost denude them and strip off their biased shams they often put on.

Pakistan’s former Chief of the Army Staff General Raheel Sharif last year in January at World Economic Forum (WEF) in Switzerland said that when the Peshawar incident happened on 16th December 2014 in which more than 130 school going children were left martyred, their mothers demanded that those hard-core terrorists who are behind this cowardice and malice attack should be caught and hanged but someone mentioned “What about human rights?” (Perhaps about Capital Punishment ). Its the man who perpetrate these heinous acts, not a human because it is the man who is knotted to a particular ideology, sometimes he kills in the name of religion, honour, country, caste, gender and sometimes anything else. Human has no particular ideology, his only ideology is Love. So if we will look towards all these criminals, whether lethal criminals or non lethal criminals, they’ll always get immunity and no one will ever get penalize for their crimes if Human rights are taken into consideration. So there is a strong need our international law should redefine human and instruct us who to consider Human and who not because human rights are formulated to protect humans, not men who act like beasts.

We haven’t yet understood what is the intent behind punishing and chastising a criminal. Punishing is not the act of repairment. When a criminal is convicted for a crime he has committed, punishing him will, assuredly, not overhaul what felony and havoc he had done. Neither it will efface the torment victims suffer from nor it will lessen that torment. Nobody and nothing can give justice in actual sense to the victims. But punishment has other goals. It can be correlated with Deterrence Theory. Fear is what can stop someone from committing a very serious crime. It cultivate & spread fear deterrence like fire in the public conscience. Punishment must be done in such a way that it can permeate angst and trepidation in public so, that no one can venture to recapitulate those crimes again. If there is a crime, there must be a criminal, and if there is a criminal, he must be punished according to the degree of crime he has committed. Again its the man who commits crime, not a human because man has some purposes, he is mean and greedy. Human has no purposes, his only purpose is to love others and serve them selflessly.

Author is Class 12th student at Secondary School, AMU, Aligarh. 

Disclaimer: Views expressed are exclusively personal and do not necessarily reflect the position or editorial policy of Oracle Opinions.

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