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Dr Muhammad Qasim, The Visionary

Dr Muhammad Qasim, The Visionary
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Syedah Mutahharah

In the chest of the oppressor, the most perilous thorn

Bearing all the adversities, never to surrender he has sworn

Steadfastly, full of courage and concealing all his scars

The great freedom fighter completed 25 years behind the bars

For coward India, setting him free is a dreadful thought

The true meaning of sacrifice, his prisoned life has taught.

27 years of marriage, lived in home just two of whole

Great! Doesn’t wasted his life in prison, but worked hard for his goal

Acquired PG, Doctorate; authored more than twenty books so far

O India! An erudite scholar from conveying his message, u failed to debar 

To enlight the nation, striving hard, has even put his sight on stake

From the slavery of falsehood and Taghoot, he wants us to awake

With the aim of dominating Islam, of his comfort he never cares

Stiffens against the tyrant’s brutalities, from them he doesn’t fears

My fellow Kashmiris! I salute the luminary, genius personality

You must also do, for his sacrifices are of infinity

Honestly! In today’s selfish era, dishonest society, in which we are

Presence of such sincere sacrificer is like moon among the stars

Poet is Class 12th student and can be mailed at

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