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Islam as The Antidote to Rape Culture

Islam as The Antidote to Rape Culture
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Raees Ahmed

There is no denying the fact that women in our contemporary society find least respect and safety in every corner and institution. Men have put forth their greatest efforts and energy to harm these noble creatures. Rape and sexual harassment is the most cruel and vicious one. Man’s rapacity to dominate his counterpart (woman) through his muscurality has made their lives nothing less than a hell. They live under despotism. Our society is mutilated under the burden of rape culture and misogyny. It has become a norm these days. Rape is affront and a slap on everyone in whose presence it happen. We all are present, we all are getting slapped everyday, each moment. But instead of contemplating, we have buried our heads in the sand deeply like ostriches and nothing makes us feel bewail, not even little kids getting raped.

Rape is indeed a menace. It degrades our society to the worst level. It leave lives terrorised. The sexually frustrated people don’t possess any sort of mercy. Few year old girls as well as women above sixty don’t make them a difference. Not even few months babies. Sometimes animals as well. Men are seldom raped. What tempts men to stumble such a downhill level where he commits this heinous and cruel task, act like a beast is the question to be answered. Women belonging to every class, community and religion are getting raped. Jeans, top or skirt wearing lady or a Burqa​-clad women, everyone is weighed down under this brunt. Men need to bring change in their mentality, sight and their attitude towards women, not women in their attire. Former is the primary driving force for this menace and not later. So those men who blame women for alluring men towards them are completely ignorant to reality. They will never accept women as an equal part of society because it will be a challenge to their dominance and their muscularity. They’ll always consider her riffraff. Before other men, they even lose their respire.

Now I would like to ask simple questions to myself and to everyone in this society. Is it must that someone should lose her chastity by getting raped and killed brutally and mercilessly to make us conscious? Is it compulsory that someone must sacrifice her life to remind us of our obligations and duties? Can’t we wake up without a ringing bell being alarmed?

Why is that India erupts only when a girl Jyoti Singh Nirbhaya gets gang raped in a running bus, people hit streets and parliamentarians feel need of amendments in Constitution regarding rape laws? Why is that Pakistan gets convulsed from head to toe only when a seven year old Zainab Ansari is abducted, raped and murdered ruthlessly, until that they keep laughing on rape and making memes, calling India a “Rapist” state without condemning it? Why is it that Jammu and Kashmir wakes up only when a 8 year old gujjar girl of Kathua gets brutally raped, tortured with electric shocks, bites and ribs fractured, until that they keep mocking by calling India as ‘rape capital of the world’? Why is so much nonseriousness? Why Sushma Swaraj is not framing a ‘Strict and Fierce Law’ for rapists if her government is in power (majority) while she was demanding it when serving as Lok Sabha Opposition leader in 2012. When politicians will stop thinking beyond their personal means and stop mixing social and political issues? We need a change, we need a hyperefficient change.

Police and protests can’t alone bring that change. We can’t wholly rely upon government and wait for their reaction and action. Thinking that by amending Constitution and by passing new laws can bring that change is utterly asininity. What happened after 2012? Did rapes stop happening in India ? Did it decrease? No, not at all. We failed to bring that “hyperefficient change” because we learnt a lesson but forgot that. That’s the reason why Zainab & Asifa left leaving behind us in a torment. Only their rapists aren’t responsible for their brutality, somehow we all are because we failed to curb it when it was getting grip and feeding itself as we were busy with our non seriousness and making memes.

If there is any religion that has given high respect to women and admired them in each sphere, it is undoubtedly Islam. For those who believe Islam cages women under strict laws like ‘Burqa’, there is no law in Islam to punish (under an Islamic rule) those who don’t follow proper Islamic dress code. So Islam is not slapping orders on them, it just advices how to lead a better and safe life. People should sometimes come from their world of social media networking out and do some practical job themselves and learn properly what actually things are about. There was a time when girls were buried alive because those ignorant and barbarous men used to consider her as a burden and a disgrace. It was Islam which gave her grace. It was Islam which gave her life. Arabs were the most ignorant men of all times before Prophet’s (PBUH) advent. It was Islam that altered those ignorants who used to fight over puny issues like ‘rope’ for thousands of years. Do you believe that such low-minded society exist nowadays? Islam perished such society through love and harmony, through moral values and through respecting women. Islam gave women equality. Some people need first to know the difference between ‘equality and similarity’. Men and women can never be similar, but both are equal, Islam teaches it. The love and respect man should share towards his parents, 75% he should share towards mother, a woman and beneath her feet lies heaven, not father. How Islam can curb sexual abuse? As we know mostly men indulge in sexual abuse, first it is men who is asked to ‘lower his gaze’ whenever a women walks past by him and then women are advised​ to veil themselves.

Besides this, there aren’t any destitute and empty laws in Islam. If there is a crime, there must be a criminal and if there is a criminal, there must be a punishment according to his startum of crime. Rape is, no doubt, a serious and horrendous crime. It, therefore, deserves a serious and horrendous punishment as well. So if there is any law that can punish rapists and give justice to victims, it is according to Islamic law. If there is any, why don’t you amend your constitution then? There is also a section of society that demands justice but on the other hand ask for low punishment for criminal and abolishment of capital punishment. That’s good and we respect their sentiments and their love & care towards humans. But please tell us “are they humans ?” By which quality you can ensure them humans. Surely not, they aren’t humans. One who plunders other’s life, chastity and freedom through coerce has not right to live. They have only a single right i.e., “No Right To Live”. Islamic laws have such potential to give them this right-‘No Right To Live’. I’m a muslim and if such law was present in any other religion, I would have accepted this law to be implemented. If I were a Hindu or any other non-muslim and such a situation would have prevailed, I would have solemnly allowed my government to follow this Islamic law, not only me but every human and pacifist would allow it. You can still have democracy under Islamic laws. Its unfortunate that these laws are present in Islam and not in Hinduism, otherwise our Constitution would have been filled with such unbiased laws. We need to understand government under Islamic laws is the best model to govern humans.

Islamic education is another guerdon to us. I believe moral education is the most successful model to curb rapes. A morally decent man will never commit such act, a morally degraded man will always. Islamic education is, perhaps, the best source of moral education. In our Kashmir, the reason why rape and assault rate is very very low is this. I also accept at the same time, we aren’t a rape-free state completely but we are far better than others. The rape in muslim community do happen as well but a morally correct muslim will never do. So are other non-muslim people around us who are as nice as us, morally opulent.

Man commits such sins out of frustration. Lack of “Sex Education” among youth and other, mostly unmarried doesn’t allow them to take over their sexual frustration and they lose their mind, they rape. Parents, teachers and guardians don’t promote sexual education among growing youth. It is considered a taboo in our society if someone talks about sex and sexual lifestyle. Sexual desires are natural and normal. Prophet himself promoted this education and taught us how to have sex with your wives. Not only this he also encouraged marriage at early ages when both men and women reach puberty. Most rapes that happen in our society are due to unavailability of a source to meet sexual desires. Most men rape because they are unmarried. Prophet taught us if you ever feel that you fail to curb your sexual desires, get married, because that is the only proper and legal way to tame these abrasive desires. But in India, many men collapse to marry owing to lack of money, poverty and marriage criteria like astrological chart of boy and girl should match if they want to marry, sometimes genealogical records are checked, inter-caste marriage and all this. This has made marriage a very tough job. While Islam sponsors simplicity, you can marry in the simplest and modest way.

So its essential to make marriages simple, inexpensive and affordable. Discommoding such marriage criteria is reflecting our biased and castiest nature. In Islam one thing demanding is both boy and girl need to be muslim, while belonging to any caste or creed.

So it is very clear to us, Islamic law and moral education in context of Islamic education can prove to be auspicious in building a perpetual hedge between our society and crime. Promoting Islamic law and Islamic moral education will not make you a muslim, but it will certainly make you a better human being and make our societies crime-free. And if there is any other way, please bring that forth and enforce and implement that, but I believe there isn’t any. This is what Mohandas Karam Chand Gandhi used to believe about Islamic government and what sort of leadership and leaders he wanted for his nation. He says, “I can not give you the reference of Ram Chandar or Krishna, because they were not historical figures. I can not help it but to present to you the names of (Hazrat) Abu Bakar (RA) and (Hazrat) Umar Farooq (RA). They were leaders of a vast Empire, yet they lived a life of austerity.”


Author is 12th Class student at Secondary School, AMU, Aligarh and can be mailed at

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