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Resurrection: The Day of Evaluation

Resurrection: The Day of Evaluation
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I see my position atop.

Above all,

Ubiquitous in the world.

Along with fame,

Of the world,

I see myself as a gem.


In my surroundings,

Needy struggles for survival.

Have many expectations from me,

Have hopes in me-

After the Creator!



I see them as filth on earth.

Not even I find myself empathetic.

Just an egoist revolves around me,

And I see it as my success,

A big achievement.


To help them,

I see myself weak.

This, to me is-

Irrelevant to my existence.

For I’ve fear,

Fear of my success.


I’ve with me the world,

I’ve with me its people.

More power I’ve.

Successful I’m.

To look after anyone,

I need not to.


After having forgotten The Day,

The day.

Called as Resurrection.

When I’ll be evaluated,

Along with my worldly success.

For which I am proud of!


© Khan Ansur is Independent Researcher and Professional Social Worker

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