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Increase in Sexual Harassments while Pursuing ‘Progress and Development’

Increase in Sexual Harassments while Pursuing ‘Progress and Development’
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From every nook and corner of the world a term; “Progress and Development” is resounding. Over this term, there is existing competition among nations. Nations strive hard; utilize a big chunk of their budget on this name. However, the concept of progress and development we hold lets us down at once especially the moment we experience moral bankruptcy, discrimination, injustice, and dehumanization continuing uninterruptedly. We take pride of being nuke power and the strong economy but have we ever given a thought how far these things matter when a section of our society feels suffocated and are deprived of basic rights, dignity, and justice.

We count nuke weapons, technological infrastructure, accumulating wealth etc as progress and development and not the advancements in our ideas, attributes, and behavior. Having luxurious life means progress and development to us and not the sympathetic and empathetic qualities that a human must have. Both people and governments of India and Pakistan bully each other, projecting themselves more developed than other but a critical analysis establishes that both these nations are retrogressing as far as humanitarian approach is concerned. The pathetic condition of female gender is one of the examples. The treatment womenflock is getting in these countries is utterly disgraceful and punctures the balloon of progress and development. Apart from domestic violence that women face they are soft targets of regular brutality and barbarism. From many years, the violent sexual crime rape rose sharply, victimizing and rendering victim traumatized and stigmatized for entire life, in many of cases snatching their right to live. In India reports of rape are rising and rape is considered as the fourth most common crime against women. Despite sentencing death to four convicts in Damini rape-case of 2012 we have miserably failed to stop this crime. Every other day incidents of rape are taking place in one or other place across India. Fortunately, Pakistan was less known for this but came to attention after spine-chilling, horrifying rape and brutalism of 7-year old girl Zainab Ansari. She was kidnapped, raped and strangled to death in Kasur when she was on her way to home from lessons on Koran at a tuition center. After investigation, shocking reports surfaced that Zainab was the twelfth victim and eleven such incidents have taken place there in recent past. This gruesome incident incited fury everywhere in Pakistan. Protests, candle marches, and shutdown continue with every eye moist. The reaction it generated is heartening but is not solution to the problem.

As our unvarying method to express resentment, political parties resorted to blame games, people lambast administration and judiciary, the administration denies responsibilities. But the bitter truth is that problem lies with all. This is understood that our administrative mechanism is flawed but as a human and responsible citizen don’t we have any role in society? How long we will continue to complain of governance and administrative faults? The crime that we are discussing here isn’t something that can be stopped just by judicial and legal reforms. In fact, its solution lies outside the law in the mindset of people. The systemic social change is imperative. Families have an important role to play to inculcate values in their boys, give right lessons, and teach them to be gender sensitive. Education institutions can trigger a change by imparting moral education among students. Importantly, if psyche of males undergoes positive and desirable change, cases of this crime will come down spontaneously. Instead of pinning blames on one another, let’s all strive to overhaul system starting from home, community, society, and finally nation. By doing so we never have to revolt against the establishment and the people in the establishment will never disappoint people if they would exercise same.

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