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Is pen mightier than sword?

Is pen mightier than sword?
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Raees Ahmed

From the very first days when we all enter in our classrooms, the first lesson that we are taught or the reason why we all go to learn in schools is ‘The pen is mightier than the sword.’ But in the present span where darkness is the lonely occupant of every orifice, has this mighty quote lost its value or does this quote fail to fit with the present situations? Well, certainly not. The reason why we are taught this lesson, because it is a principle fact. There is no error in it. Our way of perceiving problems and tackling them has changed. Every problem has a solution. However, gun is not always a solution. We are given this lesson in order to make us realise that to every problem, there is a solution, pen is the best solution. It is answer to every question and it is the only powerful weapon which is easily accessible, easy to handle and no one will charge us for carrying this weapon. They’ll not even call us terrorists. It is not for self-defense only, it is for whole society’s defense.

Nobody can measure the puissance and power of mighty pen. It do not have a cusp end like sword or a barrel like gun. It also doesn’t produce a supersonic sound like bullet or a ‘whoosh’ like sword. But it has the ink which is holier than the martyr’s blood. It works laconically. A pen will ascent for justice always whatever the situation may be. A sword or a gun can ascent for justice and injustice as well. Their aftermaths may prove to be fatal. It may open Pandora’s box buried with blood and violence. But pen brings peace. It does justice and it doesn’t fear any sword or gun but the former two does. Its might is horizonless. Gun rules over fear, pen rules over hearts and mind. Former causes bleeding in body, later causes bleeding in soul. Pen transforms souls from black to pure white, from darkness to light.

Only a cerebral, erudite and the most gallant one can hold a pen. Those who aren’t, give up very earlier. Those who don’t fear any earthly men and those who can stand firm in the times of despair and never lose their hope and faith in this heavenly weapon can hold it. Those who are muslims, can understand it in a more proper way. Allah has put a message for them in Holy Quran, ” Recite, and your Lord is the most Generous -Who taught by the pen ” (96:3,4). This was the first message Allah gave to the Muslim Ummah through His messenger Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). Indeed prophet did take part in wars himself on some occasions but he never preferred them. His first and foremost choice was always to do peace through treaties and compacts. This comes forth through his most famous treaty “Treaty of Hudaybiyyah” that affirmed 10 year peace in Makka and Madina. Allah said in his book Holy Quran about this treaty, “Verily, We have given you a manifest victory.” [Quran, 48:1]. Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) fought many battles and won many as well when they were not even in a position to fight them. When they were handful and shred and when they were not having resources to purchase and get necessary war armaments though, Allah never called anyone ‘a manifest victory ‘ but an agreement beckoned such nobility and lofty perch because that was a victory in real sense. Things need to be understood in a more proper and wide way. Its too easy too choose death, but its an uphill battle to choose survival. Survival in times when none can stood firm, when all have lost their hope and when no single soul is ready to fight injustice. That time the mighty pen and its holder will gloss and glisten reflecting rays of hope and expect towards all oppressed and saddened class of humanity, sprinkle lights of warm fuzzies and felicity towards everyone without bigotry, without discerning on the bases of their caste, gender, religion, colour or country. Such is the nature of this heavenly tool and its patrician holder.

This is 21st century. World has moved too forward now. Thinking about a war (through guns and other war armaments) is imbecility and suicidal. Every man has value and every life costs. If you want to fight great battles, do them with pen, not the poor gun. This gun doesn’t have eyes neither the one who holds it. The one who holds it has lost them in incorrigible time, so it doesn’t see whether the front man is an innocent or illicit, a dove or a hawk. But a pen does have and its holder too. Pen is synonym to peace. Its holder is a pacifist. Its followers are peace lovers. One who holds pen and then left its confederation is just like a traveller, travelling to a place and having a map, but still chooses shortcuts. He’ll certainly reach his destination if he follows the map. He’ll probably get lost and face danger if he follows shortcuts.

History remains witness, pen is the mightiest. The greatest revolutions in modern era are the blessings of this mighty weapon, pen. The fight through pen is fought in the warm daylight. The fight through gun is fought in darkness and raven nights. You have every chance of getting killed, and you’ll end up giving back nothing except loss and grief without yourself seeing the rise of dawn. A society, endowed and potent with youth, shunning the path of enlightenment through pen (Education) and joining the pathway of arms has indeed no future at all. Nobody can save it from drowning. The whole nation is arid and thirsty for a protean and versatile leader, having the potential to douse and quench their thirst and fill that spark gap and become a leader. Having such circumstances in place, if the potential youth are choosing darkness, they will surely drown.

Author is studying in Class 12th at Senior Secondary School, AMU, Aligarh. He can be reached at

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