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Education is the foundational stone of a society best known to modern world  in the development and evolution of societies. And the system helps to generate new ideas, encourage innovation, and educate young minds. Hence the Education system is wholly based upon the curriculum thereof best defined as.

“Curriculum is a tool in the hands of the artist (teacher) to mould his material (pupils) according to his ideas (aims and objectives) in his studio (school)”.Cunningham

Off course the countries are successful which have the child centered education system/Curriculum and school, college, and university curriculum student based and expertise monitored.

Implementation of CBCS in Kashmir

CBCS (Choice Based Credit System) was implemented in 2015 onwards; the university had introduced the Choice Based Credit System (CBCS), as the new model of the academic curriculum. The main characteristic of CBCS was to enhance the college level education for building it student/child centered. Gaining its motives UGC followed the CBCS and created so called unique syllabus, for college level degree. Besides the core papers of curriculum, elective papers were added, that according to experts give freedom to students to choose the various broad courses of their interest. Furthermore explained by UGC, special emphasis was given to ability enhancement and skill development of students through elective courses under the domains which every student is required to study.

However keeping in view the spirit of CBCS here also students will have complete freedom to choose these courses from CBCS suggested by UGC. CBCS, the system where requirement of awarding a degree is prescribed in terms of number of credits to be completed by the students.

The Changing Education System of Jammu and Kashmir

Change is law of nature and a single change can revolutionize the whole society, if done positively and on the subject matter. Similarly the Education system of Kashmir has always been the victim of rare changes with the self interests of the power holders on varied chairs.

Thus it seems all reverse when the Education system of Jammu and Kashmir is talked of, the system gets seasonal changes like seasonal changes in the valley, whose fate of education system gets changed after every Education minister’s oath in the office. The system gets changed according to the personal desires and interests of the ministers may it be Naeem Akhter or Altaf Bukhari who almost get elected unprecedentedly, and not according to the needs and abilities of the students. I will not beat around the bush and will come to the main point.

As talked about the changes in the education system of Jammu and Kashmir the CBCS (Choice Based Credit System) is among the major changes of the education system of J&K that recently took place in the year 2016. Undoubtedly the actual implementation of the CBCS has numerous features. But the sudden failure is at its peak especially in Kashmir valley, where Government Educational Institutions have always failed to create even the average results in foundational stage/ Primary to Elementary education and is surely the fact of concern too.

No matter the system was directed by the senior experts, to follow the system of foreign universities under practical guidelines. But the point is surely neglected here, where a student remains extraordinarily in deep depression throughout the life. CBCS could create flexibility to cope with the different subjects at the same time and learn the interdisciplinary and intra disciplinary and choice credit based courses. However above stated can relax the minds of the students currently enrolled in the same system. And simultaneously take the sigh of pessimism after working within it on failure.

Reasons behind the failure of CBCS

Kashmir Valley is among the most conflicted areas of the world. Where students are not only used to their studies, but have to cope with and face the day today issues and problems, especially since 1992 when the Freedom Movement uprisings entered every nook and corner of Kashmir valley. Since then students have been the victims of depression and frustration. Already overburdened with the long standing frustration from different issues as mentioned above.

As the students burn midnight oil to appear in the examinations, but get deeply frustrated and depressed to listen that their paper has been postponed, and another latest example can be given from a recent year 2016, when students were notified of the of the examinations to be held only after a month. The announcement was made despite all the educational institutions in the valley were shut for consecutive three months. Teachers and students were given only one month to complete the syllabus and face the examinations.


Thus CBCS was to implemented to let the students feel at ease, but it is happening all opposite. As CBCS itself is exam centered, not student centered. As the students have to appear in two seasonal and seasonal examinations in a single year.

“I am in second semester but still don’t understand what to do, I got frustrated” Said Mohsin Ali a B.A student at GDC Budgam.

Unsatisfactory process has been continuing since the implementation and introduction of the system.

“I and my 9 classmates missed the Persian paper, as the date sheet was not able to be understood, and when we claimed we were replied that, wait and appear in the next year examinations.” Said Batool Fatima B.A student at GDC Budgam.

Not the first time being criticized even senior specialists embraced the failure of the system early of its implementation but no actions have been taken. There are many students who skipped the graduation degree at middle after getting bored of the curriculum system.

Another trauma for the students are the seasonal and seasonal vocations besides official holidays. Approximately 50 days of winter and summer vocations at college level, 50 days to conduct the exams and 10 more days for admissions rest are the strikes local holidays, and etc. So a student has to spent more time in preparing examination rather than learning and studying for the best cause. Thus how can a student study in 150 days and appear in two seasonal and seasonal examinations. Is he/she supposed to learn study or appear in the examinations in short span of time? Isn’t it the matter of career of the students?

Later the graduation degree of three years is becoming the hindrance in the student’s career as being said that now takes more than four years to be completed. Students get stuck on thinking after 12th whether to spend four years in college or to find any other alternative to get rid of this boring system.

“It Seems UGC sowed the seeds in infertile land and expect heavy harvesting.”

Rather they ought to ponder upon that the land has been used for different purposes, it was once used as playground. Thus don’t expect any harvesting unless you try to make it fertile. UGC should simplify the education system of the  valley rather than making it more overburdened, and try to let the depressed students feel at ease, for being already depressed, frustrated, overloaded and overdosed. Lastly it is to be mentioned that, this CBCS system is not only burden for the students but overburden for all the academic staff as well. Therefore the time is to stand with the college level students to pay goodbye to this boring overburdened system and help them get rid of it.

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