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To Solitary Mahal

To Solitary Mahal
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Raees Ahmed

Wherein to embark,no ballad in hoard lay,
To cherish your celibacy sans err,
Whither will I beget Rumi’s vilor,
You are more lovely than fay.

Oft pearl of Deity’s Diadem sheen high,
You embrace its torridness sans sigh,
Exult each and every warm soul,
And poor Torpid idle in bole.

A lucent stellar in Milky way,
Pinnacle edifice of immortal garden,
Blesseth by maiden raven’s hue and flight,
Hense you are in mien solitary and white.

What noble or plebiean these are ?
What opulence or penurious ?
What malice avid for thrones ?
What blood fued against blood ?

Raven walls are bedecked white,
Dovish walls beneath are florid,
What pales or shams are these?
What truth our eyes should see?

Listen, Listen to the odes of duet hearts,
Listen to the arched palisade,
Listen to the purling water near,
They croon love legends of Shah & Mahal.

All ballads of hymns for you,
You are master of every true lover,
Seraph of Eros on earth you are,
Thus, all true lovers bow afore you.

If ever love took carnal guise,
It is you, it is you and only you,
Though duet hearts are dead,
Duet souls are mortal.

White veil can’t but hide your griefs old,
And your drowsy mirage,
Mortal eyes can’t and shall never,
Mortal words can’t but limn ever.

True beauty shrouded beneath white veil,
Buried beneath heavenly dooms,
Lost in the historian pages,
And now unseen to mortal sight.

Poet is Class 12th student at Sayid Hamid Senior Secondary School (BOYS), AMU, Aligarh.

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