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She left the world [of her childhood]
Even her family- [as well]
For him [only].

With lucent expectations,
She followed him [in every direction].
Faced societal insanity [for him only].

To her grave shock [unfortunately],
She loved the person-
Who turned loyal for hatred [only].

By every patriarch,
Chilies were poured-
Into her wounds [from violence].

In an invisible coffin,
She saw herself [buried].
And groveling into dust.

Her shrieks did echo to world,
But turned completely silent,
To the sympathizers [dormant].

She is an encoffined corpse in herself,
By those people- [who were]
Reticent towards her afflictions!

To her astonishment – as well,
People chose society [over her dirges].
And left her there – Unheard]!



Poet is an Independent Researcher and Professional Social Worker based in Srinagar, J&K.

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