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On Account of Zaira Wasim

On Account of Zaira Wasim
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Nadeem Gul

On Sunday, Zaira Wasim, a teenage Bollywood actor took to Instagram to complain about a 39 year old man who allegedly molested her in Vistara Flight from Delhi to Mumbai. She said that the passenger, who was sitting behind her, was rubbing his foot against her back and neck while she was half asleep.

If the allegations that she has leveled are proved right (which I actually doubt for there are tough questions being asked from the other side), then we must stand by her no matter what. Our inclinations should not turn us blind for the greater cause of humanity. Those justifying it (if something like that has really happened) for whatever reasons should know that they are in an open rebellion against entire humanity and more specifically against the sacred womanhood.

Having said that, the question that needs to be focused upon is why came the justification remarks which is very unlikely of us? The past record bears a testimony to the fact that wherever in the world such unfortunate incidents took place we (Kashmiris) are the first to shame  and condemn such brutalities. The youth of Valley have set a unique example of giving their life and blood for the chastity of women like Asiya and Neelofar. Yes, the same youth who then were on roads taking bullets and pellets on chest in protest to that heinous crime, are today justifying as what happened to Zaira Wasim or at least are not enraged to the extent they should have been.  Zaira Wasim, a daughter of Kashmir has virtually been isolated by people of Kashmir. Why?  This dichotomy and duality of attitude is what I am interested in.

Zaira Wasim is into a profession where she is directly representing India, the country which is seen as an Opressor in Kashmir. The situation is worsened further when her position or choice of career is exploited by the Indian politicians to counter and corner the voices seeking Independence from India. When people in India eulogize her to a role model for the women who have been compromising with their careers/tastes for the sake of the cause, people here will naturally doom her choice. They get enraged when a kashmiri voice/choice is being used as a shield against the same people. I see that anger in the fb posts of the Kashmiri netizens. Otherwise, there is no personal envy against this little girl. Zaira must realise that she is not the only damsel who qualifies to be a Bollywood star, the whole kashmir has been endowed with beautiful men and women, with eye catching mountains, valleys and water bodies, all conducive for a Bollywood’ised environment. But for a cause which people dear more than anything, they contain & compromise with their tendencies. A nation, in struggle, cannot afford the cheap fantasies of bollywood in the circumstances when the rivers flow but with the blood of youth, where the morning breeze blows but carries the messages of grief and sorrow with it.

Kashmir happens to be a Muslim majority region. People may not be that much practicing muslims and at individual levels indulge into many things that Islam does not approve. But as a nation they love this trademark of Muslim community. They don’t tolerate open rebellion against the teachings of Islam. Bollywood, the content of which is detestable and does not fall in line with the spirit of Islamic teachings is collectively abhorred. This could be the second reason for the indifference towards that odd con, Zaira Wasim.

With these words, I’d request my friends to uphold Islamic values of love, sympathy, mutual respect, ethics of discord and not to rejoice the sufferings and ordeals of others including this little girl and not give any reason to people branding you as religious bigots.

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