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Reasoning in Islam

Reasoning in Islam
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Raees Ahmed

I am born in a Muslim family. I started my early education in a school under the adminstration of  Falah-e-Aam Trust Jammu And Kashmir, which runs largest network of schools in J&K. Since my birth I was told that I am Muslim. I was also told that there is no place for argument in Islam. You cannot question why I’m Muslim, why Allah is my Creator, who Allah is, how He looks and all these questions. I, infact all of us, grow up accepting all this without a sigh. I still remember an incident that occurred with me when I was perhaps in class 7th or 8th. Once the Magrib (Evening) aazan was going on and my mother compelled me to offer prayers but I simply refused. I don’t know why. She continued her compulsion and after my continual state of decline, she said, “Do you want to become a Christian? ” I, in aggression, replied, “Yes”. After few days, Imam of our Mosque who was also my teacher in Madrassa where I used to go and learn Quran, came to our home. He was made aware of the whole incident. He heavily fell upon me with some harsh words and asked me not to do such offence (Kufur) again. That time, I was totally unknown about all this. Since then, compulsion and reasoning in religion has put me in deep dilemma.

But the fact remains unimpeded. Islam allows reasoning. We cannot remain blind followers. No one has right to put a blindfold of delusion over our eyes. There is a verse in Holy Quran which says ”How many a sign there is in the heavens and the earth that they pass by while they are disregardful of it”(12-105). Contemplation is a part of worship. In this verse too, there is a reference given to contemplation. In the present world, contemplation means reasoning. Allah is himself saying that one should look towards this universe, everything that domicile in it and think about it. Prophet Mohammad (SAW) himself has called it a part of worship. If this be true and one starts conceiveing about the wonders that occur around him, he’ll ultimately reach to a point where he is certainly going to question his own existence and eventually the existence of God itself which according many Muslim clerics amounts blasphemy. Does this mean that God doesn’t know its outcomes? Well, surely not.

Reasoning leads to enlightenment, not aberrance or ignorance. Infact, its a way of moving closer towards your Creator. The inherent nature of humans (Fitrat) always try to hunt its true maker. That is why Allah (SWT) has given order of contemplation. Even a person born in a non-muslim family can’t turn towards Islam unless he reason about his existence, existence of God. We see many non-muslims emberacing Islam. Most of them are intellectuals and scholars. This is because human nature knows it’s Creator. Islam isn’t the religion of Muslims but the religion of humanity.

I’m a Muslim by chance because I am born in a Muslim family. I could have been born in Hindu or Christian family, actually all of us. That time our reasoning and simple arguments on our existence would have helped us to understand our maker. To become a Muslim by choice, we need to ponder at ourselves and at God too. This guides to utmost spirituality. Our Almighty doesn’t give us only instructions but a right to contemplate and reasoning as well. One may say contemplation is different from reasoning, but they ain’t. Contemplation without reasoning or questioning or arguing doesn’t exist, that is humbuging. Contemplation without reasoning is unsophistication.

The loveliest and most sweet things in our lives are those which we earn through assiduousness and dedication, not those which we inherit. We show great care towards former and less care towards later. That’s why we see around us millions who are born in Muslim families, but not seem to be so, nevertheless, they maybe or may not be. Maybe I’m one of them. On the other hand, those who proselytize to Islam are more down-the-line and true-blue. The reason lie in the fact that they earn Islam, not inherit. Today Islamophobia is at its alp. How is it possible that a religion of peace and consonance has distorted into a religion of upheaval and terrorism, why everyone deem it as a seedbed of ‘Sturm and Drang’. It is for the reason that ‘we have assumed Islam much more complex, augean and extremely hellacious than it actually is. This can be understood through a simple example. I had read it from different Hadith books that if a person missed a single prayer intentionally (Even if prayed later), he’ll stay in hell for seventy thousand years(70,000). Though the authenticity of such hadith is questioned by scholars of hadith and have classified it in “modhoo” category.  If an ardent devotee but fainthearted like me will take this too serious, he is going to die of Heart-attack that very moment. Things need to be examplified in a more proper and passive way. We don’t need to fear Allah but understand him through great reasoning and understanding. He surely, I think want us to do so. He loves his adorers, so in return, we too should spew love towards him, not fearfulness. Love is more veracious than fearfulness. This can only achieved through understanding.

Reasoning shouldn’t be misunderstood with affront. These are two distant and dissimilar things. But as far questioning in any religion is concerned, it must be kept limited upto personal level, rather than as a collection or as a team. As a cluster, it will turn into affront and profane which has become a commom trend nowadays. Affronting any religion or religious personality is despiteful and malicious act.This was never a part of argument. Why are we today witnessing Islamophobia, these warblers of grudge and antipathy against Islam, don’t have a personal hostility for Islam or against muslims but the actual reason is that they don’t have understood Islam yet and they don’t want so because we have made it so difficult for all to understand, so they have hostile debate towards Islam. When these people with similar thoughts assemble, they give rise to new oppressive and especially discriminatory indecorous dogma, a new untrue ism that is ‘Islamophobia’. This can be prevented through reasoning and argument only.

Author is Class 12th student at Sayid Hamid Senior Secondary School (BOYS), AMU, Aligarh.

Disclaimer: Views expressed are exclusively personal and do not necessarily reflect the stand or editorial policy of Oracle Opinions.

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