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Building Tolerant and Passive Society

Building Tolerant and Passive Society
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Raees Ahmed

Tolerance is the mother of peace and hate is the mother of discordance. Broad-mindedness is the urgency of here and now. We are presently dwelling in the paradise of choas. Humans have already wasted centuries of time in conflicts and hatred along with indefinite money, fathomless blood and much more. The pain and agony of conflicts is unbearable. Humans are yet to realize this fact. The greatest threat to humans is human itself. Humans are yet to understand the value of peace and prosperity. And the worst part of story is we see people running towards conflicts and war despite knowing the fact that none of them can own and avail these. But having a passive and tolerable society can minimize the chances of conflicts and chaos which is the need of the nick time. Every person in a society is an element of building suvh a society, every person is responsible for such. But it isn’t so easy to bulid such a society,an uphill battle but not an impossible one. It simply demands some devoted and down-the-line men, some sweat but not the blood and some patience. Not necessary it is a job of revolutionary. A common and unnoticeable person can even do it but an intellectual one, not needed to be a literate one.

One of the decisive step towards figuring such a kind of society is understanding the fact that in which way people of the society usually understand things. Their way of understanding is the underlying element of such society. It is pivotal that they should have numerous ways of understanding. Having a particular way of understanding is peril to cohesion in society. Way of understanding things is the corner stone of framing opinions and ideology. It’s facile to liberate yourself from human occupation but its too arduous to liberate your ideology from occupation of hate and loathing. Once our mind-set bags a particular way of understanding things, it remain fastened with us throughout our lives. No wonder drug can elixir this kind of infirmity. Such genre of ideology and opinions are parlous to society and its peace. People usually, in that state, don’t actually know who is helmsman of them. They are slaves but don’t know their enslaver. Its none other than the animosity that dwell deep inner them, that flow through their each and every artery which is the outgrowth of their way of thinking and understanding.
Prosperity without peace is absurd and insane. Quoting a simple incident from Holy Quran,when Ibrahim (AS) beseeched towards Allah(SWT), he prayed, “My Lord,make this city(Makkah) a place of peace and security and bestow its people with fruits(prosperity) “[2-126]. One can easily understand the preference given by Ibrahim(AS) to peace over prosperity. We can live in peace and stability without even prosperity. Once there is peace, prosperity will surely make its way. And peace without tolerance is absurd and insane itself.

Tolerance must not be misapprehended with cowardliness. Infact,tolerance is the highest level of valiantness. It is not so easy that someone throws shoe upon you and in return you keep on spewing love towards him. Tolerance is bravery and beavery is tolerance. Assenting every woe, each bitter truth even your own mistakes is tolerance. Providing peaceful space to every opinion and idea and respecting them, understanding things in more comprehensive way and letting all to put forth their say is tolerance. Not letting your enrage take-over your forbearance is tolerance, a vision that is yet to be accomplished.

Author studies at Senior Secondary School AMU, Aligarh and can be reached at

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