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Book: And The Sun Never Rose Again

Book: And The Sun Never Rose Again
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Javeed Bin Nabi

Author : Jahangeer Majazi

Published : Authors Press, New Delhi.

Price : 295

Pages : 110.

“Zohra was a butterfly that Zaid always wanted to Shield”

In ‘And The Sun Never Rose Again’, the debut novel of Jahangeer Majazi.The author beautifully narrates the deep and infinite love of Zaid to his beloved and beautiful religious Zohra. Each day and night is full of pangs, long sufferings for Zaid and Zohra’s absence kills him in each moment. Every new dawn is the new hope for Zaid to see his beloved Zohra.

The author of the book ” And The Sun Never Rose Again” beautifully describes the tale of young Zaid who fell in love with Zohra. The unmatched love for unparallel Zohra in the young innocent heart of Zaid bears the witness that how a love of an opposite gender may led one towards a deep madness.

The each chapert of the novel beautifully depicts how a man is carrying unconditional and unlimited feelings for her true beloved, sometimes to cry lonely for nights or sometimes to get blood out from his veins only with this purpose to write a love letter to his beloved and tell her how much you love and care for her. Moreover, the novel bears the witness that how Zaid , whether at home, school or in a college and at any place feels the true presence of Zohra who actually is not present there. Surely, it is because of deep and true feelings of Zaid that in his every moment of life from Kashmir to MLC college Banglore, Zohra dances in different colours but each and every colour is solace to Zaid’s loathed and pained heart.

However, as the Novel has been written during the ongoing Kashmir conflict. Apart from the beautiful chubby cheeks of Zohra and the melancholic days and nights of Zaid. The author of the book also writes about the killings in Kashmir , about fake encounters, the prolonged  political crisis in valley and the blood of Kashmiri’s oozing on streets at the hands of Indian security forces. Undoubtedly, there are many untold love stories that this blood sucked and blood soaked Kashmir conflict have consumed and derailed in one way or the other. Thank to God , Jahangir Majazi despite being the part of this bloody conflict completed  this beautiful work unhurt.

Interestingly, the beauty of the Novel is that it has been written in a very simple and easy language. Doubtlessly, while reading the novel the reader feels safe , quite interesting and motivates himself to read every single page as each page narrates something new about impatient Zaid and stonehearted Zohra . On one hand while reading this kind of love story the reader during scanning the pages of the book reminds him his own past stories because every reader has his own story. And on the other hand , the reader finds himself attached with each hurtful, melancholic and beautifully written words of the novel and sometimes emotions are on peak in readers heart. No doubt, there comes few twists and turns between Zaid & Zohra but till the last page, the book caught the attention of the reader. This novel is one of the charming and sweet love story of the two separated souls – Zaid & Zohra.

The book also describes that how the religion has played its role in the lives of Zaid and Zohra. And how the religion lines became the hurdles for Zohra to met Zaid. It is pertinent to mention here that it was because of Zohra’s religious family background both couldn’t meet or talked over phone for a long time.

While reading the book, at one stage the reader feels that Zohra – beloved of Zaid is unfaithful and stonehearted lady who don’t love or have feelings for Zaid – Zohra’s mad lover. But after reading the quotes of the dairy of Zohra which She gave to Zaid describes and witnesses that she too was in a deep love and  carrying true feelings for Zaid but it was her ego which ceased her lips not to express all these feelings before her mad lover Zaid.


Although, I believe the book is well written, heart touching and extremely mindful but it would have been more intresting and beautiful if the author of the book elaborated or dug more about how religion is playing it’s role in many such Love stories. As I already said that there are many love stories that remain untold and veiled because of the ongoing conflict but there are many other stories that were buried ruthlessly because of the caste and ‘religious fanaticism’ prevailed in today’s society. Kashmir is not an exceptional case.
“Inside the grave Zaid started waiting for Zohra”.

Author Javeed Bin Nabi hails from Hajin town and can be reached at

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