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Raees Ahmed

I know her name,I believe,maybe Halima,
Semblance of Halima,her aim like Halima,
Lady Halima roam from door to door,
Men to men, shore to shore,
To hunt life.

While she paint her legend, I rest nigh,
To those listening remissly with sigh,
Frail hands raised fetching some hay,
Crinkle firinged like face of a Fay,
To hunt life.

She feed beneath her heart a treasure,
Fruits of drudge of epoch,of no measure,
Not a droplet breezed down her gullet,
Syne daybreak;Hath left herself forget,
To hunt life.

A ragged youth sprinkling love fairly,
Nearby to her of eyes stirring swiftly,
Of no remorse and not yet grieved,
Onto his fate;Fair yet not revealed.
To hunt life.

But be blessed with benevolent heart,
Of fragile and gentle thought,
Endowed wilt be Halima in need,
Via his mite he left Halima feed,
To hunt life.

Ever since bliss’s lush door gazed earth,
Since warmest pearl shone with dearth,
Ever since men were blessed by Eos,
Not a jiffy passed by sans choas,
To hunt life.

Every lasting soul sans mercy,
Every innate child come off thirsty,
Except the one,Halima’s mate,
Born sans plushes,sans golden slate,
To Hunt Life.

Poet is studying in Class 12th at Aligarh Muslim University and can be reached at

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