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Fear Breeds Slavery

Fear Breeds Slavery
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Zuhair Khan

Most of us are always worried about our future. The major part of that worry is because of the money. The desire to earn more wealth is directly proportional to the desire to gain material wealth. We are being bombarded with propaganda day and night, which creates a sense of worry; we fear that we will become poor so we must find ways to earn a lot of money and save it for ourselves and to buy the material luxuries. People are willing to do any kind of work as long as they earn money. Even to the extent, people are willing to kill others for money. People forget the sense of Right and Wrong because they are afraid of the fear of poverty. Because of this people are vulnerable to be chained into slavery. This slavery is dangerous than the slavery by force because here most of the people cannot sense that they are slaves. People in this type of slavery are willing to give their minds and their bodies to their masters.

Human farming is what describes this slavery best. Here humans are used by their masters for their benefits. Farming of humans was the most profitable farming in the world of yesterday and it is even today. In ancient Egypt, Pharohs enslaved the children of Isreal. They were made to all kinds of works that will be considered inhumane in the world of today. Pharohs controlled these people through fear, fear of hunger, fear of death. The children of Isreal were put into forced slavery which in turn gave rise to resistance. Something similar to the theory of action and reaction. The children of Isreal couldn’t resist much because the Pharoh was powerful. But they had a sense of realisation they they are slaves and need freedom. Their rebellions were crushed by the force but their desires couldn’t be crushed. Until there came to them Moses from GOD and they became free. This was in old days and since then the human thought has evolved and so has the Masters. The recent example of this kind of slavery is the enslavement of blacks by whites.

We thought that the kingship and slavery had come to the end but when the western democracy took roots, it was just the evolution of the Masters as there was the evolution in the thought the of slaves ( “The poet of the east” Allama Iqbal in his Poem “iblees ki maglis e shoora” describes it beautifully). Since the Human race was searching for the system of Justice after the kingship they thought had ended, Marx came up with another master plan of slavery. But this plan didn’t seem to be clever enough and had resistance world wide, though it gained ground in the shape of Socialism in the Eastern Europe.

Cleverer were the Masters of the western liberal democracy who were able to convince the masses that they are free. They didn’t use chains to tie up the bodies of the people, but they chained their minds. Billions of dollars are spent in making people believe they are free. This indoctrination starts at at very young age in the institutions called Schools. “Products” what usually children are called, come out as obedient and polished beings rather than intelligent and thinking minds, but there are always exceptions and we are not talking of exceptions here. Children who have a thinking mind tend to question a lot “how” and “why”, usually end up standing outside the class. So the end product of the schools are usually polished obedient beings who are easily controllable. And when children reach “reputed colleges” they are already among the “cream” of polished obedient beings. In the colleges they spend most of the time in learning the art of selling themselves. And when they have completed the college they are dumped into the factories of the Masters. The feeling of false joy and achievement overcomes everything else. This is amazing when a slave works hard from school to college, and earns his degree of slavery, is given a sense that he has achieved something in his life. That something is what they call Job. And to keep this sense alive we are bombarded with the material luxuries which make us work harder and harder. Our sense of happiness and the sense of achievement are now attached to the materials.

It seems like the “theory of evolution” is true. Humans are turning into some other beings. The society is turing to evil. There is a room for a murderer, a rapist in a society, but there is no room for a person having less wealth. The more the wealth people are gaining more are they getting afraid of being poor. At the end all this comes to the fact that people can be controlled by fear. We cannot threaten a tree to produce more fruit nor can we threaten a cow to produce more milk. But humans can be threatened with the fear of poverty to work harder and harder, which in turn is productive to the corporations. The only way we can see all this is to see it from the top. Quoting the golden words of Dr Iqbal “tu Shaheen Hai basera Kar pahado ki chattanu mai” which means “you are the royal falcon, make the mountain top your resting place”. Fly like a flacon over the top and keep a eye on everything from the top like a falcon when it keeps an eye on it’s territory from a mountain top.

Author is an engineer, having done his masters in Project Management from Cardiff University, UK.

Disclaimer: Views expressed are exclusively personal and do not necessarily reflect the position or editorial policy of Oracle Opinions.

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