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Majid Khan’s ‘Ghar Wapsi’

Majid Khan’s ‘Ghar Wapsi’
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Nadeem Gul

With so much of talk in his name on print and social media, Majid Khan does not require a formal introduction. A Footballer turned armed-rebel and then Ghar-wapsi, the line sums up his story. Almost every aspect of his story was thoroughly discussed (in a more emotional  and less academic manner though) yet there is one important aspect left unattended which instead of delving here and there, should have been addressed in the first place.

How could a passionate Footballer loose the love for his game and choose a path where nothing except death (martyrdom) is assured? You must have heard of footballers sleeping along with their footballs, such is the love for the game and it’s tools. Then what happened all of a sudden that the boy relinquished his love and embraced a metallic device which most of us even fear to look at? The state and it’s henchmen, who boast about his return doing us a favour of giving back a live Majid, quite understandably want people to escape this question. But we won’t. People should note that it is the same police or establishment if you like, that murdered the budding cricketer-duo of Khalid and Burhan without a bit of concern for their family. A young athlete Sabzar including many others were ruthlessly killed by the same forces who have overnight turned into philanthropists now. Let their statements about humanity, empathy, help and help lines, flow with the filth of gutters. That would be the most respectable welcome they deserve.

It remains a fact that Majid’s short-lived rebellious sojourn was his voluntary decision while his ‘retreat’ was something that he was forced to do out of emotional appeals from different corners of the society. This man being a Footballer had a very little exposure of religious interpretations of Jihad. Therefore, those who blame the radicalised interpretations of holy text for insurgency here should now find something new to argue with. This argument has literally lost the legs to stand when cricketers, footballers and gymnasts are joining rebels more than those from the religious seminaries.
Similarly blaming Hurriyat or any other organization of luring people is again a grossly misplaced argument. Had that been the case, Majid would have confessed the same on his return before police. He did not and here I must tell you with a fair amount of confidence that had he consulted anyone from Hurriyat or a religious scholar prior to his decision, he would have been outrightly denied the permission and suggested otherwise in the first place, keeping in view his conditions at home.
Coming back to our question as what made him take this extreme step. Was he oblivious of the conditions at home, of his ailing mother or did he not love his mother and it was only after your emotional appeals that awoke his sleeping love for his family.Is that what you mean? I am sorry, some of you are living in a fool’s paradise while many others in the hell of wise.
Majid Khan had a story. His friend, Yawar was recently killed by the same forces. Time did not heal his wound of loosing his mate. He was feeling helpless and humiliated for not avenging the murder of his friend. This is the story of almost every youth over here. From teasing of the sisters to disparaging​ of old men, boys want to avenge the inhuman brutalities inflicted upon their nears and dears, in fact on the nation as a whole. This is out of human nature and the primary motivation for the rebellion. People live as long as life offers them peace, dignity and tranquility. They goodbye it if it is not worth living. They abandon it if it is all suffocation and humiliation. Today you have managed to somehow control his nerves. But you should remind & refresh yourself that you failed on it many a times in the recent past where you would extend appeals of retreat to boys but they denied even at the gun point. In summary, I must say that the problem doesn’t begin & end with Majid Khan, it persists as long as the root causes are addressed. Forces are continuously committing human rights violations and the Chief of Unified Command, Mehbooba Mufti, herself attested to the fact when she appealed her forces to have a human friendly attitude in a recently held meeting. Furthermore, let it be known that we are not for militancy. There is absolutely no fun in doing a romance with death but it is a bit healing than the life of subjugation and slavery.

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