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A Different Vision

A Different Vision
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Aazib Manzoor

In the orchard I sit silent
With Rumi on my side
Near me the breeze flows
Rustling the long popular
And the green pumpkin leaves
Where butterflies drop their tastes
These trees stand short
Of the sky looming from above
A cuckoo flies low
Through the grass and chipping
Is it fond of the earth?
Does the earth leave fragrance?
Something attracts it
May be the flower dying
Peculiar breaths taken
The sound of the clouds measured
It has it’s eyes on the robe
The cloak of earth
I gaze far off
To where the cuckoo stares
A different world it sees
Too scriptural for me to understand
My body lies in the grass
My soul is in the cuckoo’s eye
Why isn’t it wandering the heavens?
Why isn’t it liberating the horizon?
A gracious sense of solitude
Brings the cuckoo to me
It’s visions connect my heart
Slow pounding so i hear it
Dwell through the open blue
Where the eagle nests
O! The fortune of freedom
Don’t lay me in a haze

Poet is pursuing BA Hons in English Literature from Aligarh Muslim University and can be reached at

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