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Blessed be I

Blessed be I
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Aakash Nengroo

My soul ingnited
With your eyes.
Beeming with pure love
Untouched by the limitations
Of the material world
Blessed be us
At peace in a perfect embrace
Beyond the time and space
Within our own world
That shines in the light of your soul
Blessed be our love
Deep… pure… complete…
Divine as the heavenly
Free from the outwardly pleasures
Out beyond the physical pain
Just love and only love
Embedded within and without
Our souls
Blessed be the day
That bestowed the world with a gift
As pure as your enigmating soul
Sacred and holy
Yet tangible and humanly
As it is love
That favours the sight and touch
Of the intangibles
Blessed be the moment
Our eyes met
Leading us into the depths
Of our love thirsty hearts
Exalted us to the higher skies
Blessed be the heart
Enlightened in your love
Abode of the celetial
Diffused into your being
Utterly and completely you
Oh the God of love and life
Thou shalt be our guide
Thine blessings be our possessions
Thou art the owner of highs and lows
Cherish our souls
Sustain our love
make us one and only one
Let us achieve the reality

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