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Kashmir, The Fallen Apart

Kashmir, The Fallen Apart
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Kashmir I behold thee fallen apart,

Doused in an ocean of dark red tears,
Cosmic reflector casts thine woebegone
estate. The blood that spills seizes the
aroma of moon.
The night wind woes, in unison I hear the
heart-rending cries, of
A childless father mother,
Of a brotherless sister,
Of a sisterless and
They all call for some Hercules to descend
Unto the tattered land.

A desultory bullet kissed them, so
They shine Ina promised heaven,
It is Their flash that stars emit all night
long to empellish the wounded land.
Beneath every flower is buried the sacred blood
So is nature adorned by the fragrance of flowers.
I lost you, you lost me
Atrocious seasons swept me away
Far from thee, a million years away
Into some mysterious peaceful place-
A promised heaven may be.
But my heart tends to bleed again in my land-
My Kashmir.
It is you-Kashmir- that lies shattered
And each shattered fragment holds a history.

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