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Near Horizon

Near Horizon
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Poet :- Rayees Ahmed


I remember,Oh!Ye Knight,
Pledge I took in Past,
‘Where shall we meet? ‘
Ye had asked in dreams vast.

Listen,Listen,now listen Knight,
Listen with open Heart,
I’ll say in a murmur light,
Once,only once,not alot.

Everyone born from where,
Men and the Sun set in delight,
I’ll meet ye there,
From where everyone came white.

Where there is hope and dreams,
And peace from sufferings,
There is joy and screams,
But for some,no worryings.

One by one, one-day all,
I,as had pledged,too,
one-day when everything shall fall,
Near Horizon, where there is you.

I can see now with my eyes,
Open, wide wide open,I can see,
That hope,those dreams there lies,
I can see the end of we.

Listen,Listen,I ain’t so far,
Nearer than Soul and light,
Nearer than bleed in war,
Soon, I’ll return to ye Knight.


Poet studies 10+2 in Aligarh Muslim University and can be reached out at

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