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I shan’t write about the green valley’s that lay Amidst the tall mountains, kissing the scarless gown
For they ain’t that beautiful and perfect, and
Are devoid of thee. Sometimes they attain perfection
When I behold you sitting in the lap of the valley.

Blessed than the angels, more delicate than a flower
Prettier than a dew drop, beaming than the moon,
You are. And so shall you be, till the sky falls
Into the lap of the woeful earth.

I shan’t write about the seasons that light up
The earth in different and unique ways,
For its your aroma they hold and sprinkle.

I shan’t write about the oceans for it’s your
Eyes that keep on calling me to drown into
The ocean of love. Unto you shall I reveal the
Secrets of my wounded heart…
So shall I write about you…

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