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Waseem! We are with you!

Waseem! We are with you!
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Parents are very important part of our lives. They support us in our growth and help us in all the ambitions of our lives. Their presence in our lives is of utmost importance. They burn midnight oil to streamline our future and leave no stone unturned to make us feel better. Both father and mother play their respective roles to guide and manoeuvre us on the path which they deem best for us. Role of father cannot be sidelined but the role played by mother has significant and more religious values. Right from the womb of mother till her death, she sacrifices everything for the upbringing of a child. Its rightly said that the heaven lies beneath the feet of a mother so it clearly signifies how revered and venerated is the position of mother in religious perspective as well. Those people are quite lucky who get the affection and love of mother which makes their lives quite delightful and charming. There are some ill-fated people who lose this asset early in their lives which makes them feel depressed and dejected. One among those star-crossed person is a 23-year old young boy of Shakwara area of Sopore in Baramulla district Waseem Ahmad Tantray son of Ghulam Nabi Tantray who lost his mother few years ago which made him depressed and mentally unstable. He was so close to his mother that he finds it quite miserable now without her.
All sane people know that a mentally unsound person can do any damn thing which goes against the set human norm so Waseem is no exception. He for so many years is wandering aimlessly as he finds no solace without his mother. His poor father tried all possible ways to make him feel better but nothing positive came out of it. They are the poorest family in the village and sustain their life in a tin shed with no source of income. Their abject poverty added more miseries to a young Waseem.
Braid chopping incidents started in Kashmir since September this year and Waseem is suffering from depression and stress since many years. He has been wandering since he lost his mother and is unaware about the world happenings including Kashmir as he has no medium of communication and news. Being unaware about the braid chopping incidents in Kashmir he was lost in his own world of hopelessness and despair. On one of the worst days in his life, he lost his way while coming back to his home and decided to spend night in a mosque.
He entered into a mosque in Mazbuq village near the Sopore fruit mandi and tried to sleep on a mat. The moment he closed his eyes and tried to recall his beloved mother in his dreams, he was woken up by a loud thump on his back. He got terrified and frightened seeing some people with axes and sticks. They suspecting him as braid chopper and started beating him savagely. Waseem tried to tell them that he is suffering from illness and is not a braid chopper but they didn’t listen to him and dragged him out of the mosque on the street. In the meantime, the sea of people emerged from their homes and all pounced on him. They used all their might and pummeled him mercilessly. He was tortured inhumanely and no one tried to protect him from an unruly mob. He was stripped off and a violent mob tried to run a tractor over him. When that failed, they tried to set him ablaze by throwing him in a burning grass.
Waseem left all hopes to survive when even his tears and blood oozing out of his body couldn’t douse the blazing flames. When he lost his consciousness, police vehicles arrived and despite heavy stone pelting by the miscreants on them, they rescued Waseem and took him away.
Waseem was critically injured and police saved him from an imminent death. The investigation revealed that he is a patient of mental illness since the time he had lost his mother as was advocated by his neighbours as well. He is taking medicines for his mental disorder and now he is getting medical treatment for his grievous injuries inflicted on him by a mob who mistook him as a braid chopper and showed no mercy on him. Just answer a simple question why was a mentally unstable person beaten in such a cruel way without listening to his version.
Earlier this year a police officer Mohammad Ayub Pandit was lynched to death by a mob in Jamia Masjid Srinagar during the night of blessings on a mere suspension that he is a spy. A 70-year old person was stoned to death in Anantnag. Non-local tourists were severely beaten by mob at Shallabugh. A tailor was brutally beaten in Ishber Nishat. A 5-year old kid by critically injured by a stone pelting miscreants at Pahoo Pulwama. Where have we reached? Where is Kashmiriat of which we are proud about? We should not allow the hooligans to rule us. Kashmir is a land of saints and we will never allow it to become the hub of hooliganism. We should not allow the leaderless mob to dictate terms on us.
Police is investigating the braid chopping incidents. Also, we should accept this fact that there is no such kind of spray available anywhere in the world which will make a person to get unconscious in a flash and make him/her regain his/her consciousness within no time. For the time being, stop spreading rumours and don’t target innocent beings like Waseem. Everyone has a right to live so has Waseem. Why an unruly mob tried to snatch his right to life which he is finding difficult to live after the sudden death of his mother.
Waseem!. You are not alone. You are our brother. The whole Kashmir is with you. We will all get together to support you financially and socially. I request all the fellow human beings to contribute something for impoverished Waseem so that he can get treatment for his mental illness, brutal wounds and severe burn injuries. We should all help him and his poor father to rebuild their life and show the real Kashmiriat of which we are proud. God bless you all!

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