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An Ode to Our Lovely Rendezvous

An Ode to Our Lovely Rendezvous
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To meet my people; from the other part,
As a fine dream, always built its space,
A protected one.
In my heart; sealed with irrevocable love.

This yearning was rising up,
Day and night. Giving its new essence!
Waiting for their radiant countenance.
To show the beauty of love,
To share the emotions unaired!

The day came. Our rendezvous!
Yes! Yes! Yes!
The frontiers echoed!
With elevated ecstasy, so did we!
My soul went into marvel. And said,
My people! My people! My people!

In the total silence of our reunion,
In its unshaped prompt,
My soul enjoyed the chips of bliss,
As the product of our reunion.
Overtly and covertly,
With strong commitment,
Crafting way to the unexplored love!

With their entrance,
Coruscating science of beauty,
With colors of simplicity along,
They shifted my way to heavens.
In this ambiance of love and desire,
Life in every sense,
Has reached its destination!
My heart uttered.

As everything is made to end,
So did our meeting.
Not our souls, filled with love!
Not our walls of commitment,
Structured with unflinching courage,
You’re ubiquitous,
In the arena of my heart!
A vow that we did to meet again,
And, to beat the separation always!

(The poem is written as an ode to the meeting with the people from the other part of the Kashmir Valley; Gilgit Baltistan, AJK, Muzafarabad etc., The poem expounds the love for union with the people separated decades ago.)

Poet is an Independent Researcher and Professional Social Worker based in
Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir.

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