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Ummer Ishaq Bhat

Individuality is absolutely a peculiar and particular character of a person. It makes you unique in your own way but several assumptions are different from person to person. It is important that one should be aware of one’s own individuality, thereby, giving him the essential essence of quality of life on earth. Assumptions vary so are the people in general. I hereby state with a skeptical experience that is “no individuality means no personality”. Most of the people in the world are serious and well-to-do’s but if we take them into consideration it will make them elite and well judged throughout all the realms of life whether psychological, physical and at any metaphorical level.  Does that mean ‘others’ are superfluous and not acceptable in their lives? No, I don’t standby with this but vis-a-vis we need to think why we think so or what is it that we shift our desirable opinion from this particular point to that observation?

The number of actions determines our character and it is these actions that make our individuality. So, it is activities and actions that are to be taken seriously. You are not serious in literal terms until you believe to be so and similarly, you are serious, again in literal terms, until you believe to be so. I know people who are normal in everything as we should be but they sometimes seem to be lacking in individuality which ultimately others possess confidently and which the former ones don’t have due to normalcy. Individuality is the coprocess of normalcy and goes hand in hand. I don’t favor people who possess individuality but without any respect and honor given by people, Individuality, thus is not a name tag, a mark, but mostly respect given to people. I would like to relate Individuality with feminism who argues such theories against those which are its antithesis but I quote “Kate Nash” a feminist who believes Feminism not a dirty word but “equality” in every aspect of life. So, Individuality leads to equality based on every gender. So if you are here and there in your individuality it is your own accuse. I here assault none of you by giving various interpretations of individuality but giving its variations and types as well. Man throughout his life earns much more what he deserves by paying hard work to it. Individuality thus comes as a major factor regarding this. How? See, if you ever try to achieve something which is very hard to be achieved and you have no skill at your disposal you leave it. For this, I have witnessed most individuals who are being rendered to nothingness and meaningless due to not paying much attention what their individuality means to them. They take it accordingly in accordance with others and the society in which they are living in. They never believe in themselves which are symptoms of not respecting one’s own dignity and honor. For such, self-respect means nothing to them and thus their individuality. Individuality is “equality”, equality in every respect of life ever given by a person himself. This is lacking in individuals but found in those who receive attention worldwide. Thus “inferiority complex” and “individuality” is one and the same thing for those who don’t receive attention and attain fame in their own terms. They are lacking in self-confidence and determination for not being worthy and rich in character like others. Thus, this becomes an important factor for making them poor in character and good for nothing fellows. Humanity is an alternative religion of already existing religions in the world. All religions do correspond the factors of equality and rather not inequality. But humanity is a religion made by people and for the people. I must put it against those who are internalized superiors. These internalized superiors are the most mistaken people in the world. They are like industries which run the products and disturb the organic way of life. A person like industries makes their impact with different things and make hay day of their living but neglecting the ordinary and common way of life. The inferior is the fabricated class of people. They are rendered equals and driven like animals. Thus their individuality is their animality and nothing else. They always remain submerged in it and never try to get out of it. I would like to conclude it with a view that Individuality, in any case, should never be replaced with any of the following traits due to Poverty, modernity, race, community, and flexibility. One should be what one must be we should never try to be over smart in our day to day life.

(The author is Former PG Student, Dept of English, University of Kashmir and can be contacted at

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