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Umair Rehman 

(The first part of the story is here.)

Everyone was running for their life and whole village was being evacuated fast. Almost everyone was running towards adjacent villages especially towards Khee Jogipora, Katrusu, Kadder the neighboring villages. These villages lay across beautiful mustards fields with mesmerizing view of blooming flowers and our local streams, the ‘Zizebul’ and ‘Sonmn’. The blue-green waters of Sonmn and Zizebul, bubbling and frolicking over the pebbles and stones, alluring the heart more strongly. The wild grass grew by the stream, the willows swayed. The stoic arches of the mountains watched us from a distance. In the open sky above us, crows and sparrows were wandering indifferent to the situation below. They continued with their own seasons, blind to ours. We had taken refuge in the School building, and were holding up for many hours. We were in a state of panic and trepidation. Our teachers were acquiescing us, amplifying our morale and confidence. In the meantime our Science teacher (Mr Sheeraz Ah Mantoo) was homogenizing our nervousness by telling some of the verses of poetry, in about. But he did not know that fate is out of control and what it had in store for the man. The said teacher contended to the students and told a bunch of students and teachers regarding the scrape, where this battle of guns was occurring. He told them whither this encounter is, they will be treated as captive under the POTA act. They will be jailed all and sundry without bailing. Our colloquy changed into bombshell when a haggard-looking lady (she is married now) appeared. Shadows circled her black-brown eyes, stubble with dashes of black covered his sallow cheeks, and her frock hung on his healthy shoulders. She was with a little baby in her lap. She was hurriedly coming towards us. Things changed as she uttered the very first word. Her approaching towards us changed the tables vigorously in disoblige.
At this very juncture we were differentiating the bullet sounds by whom the bullet was being fired wither by Mujahid or Army on the basis of explosive sound. Being in love with Mujahideen, we exhibit the optimistic as well as opportunistic character because the sound echoing from the bullet of Mujahideen’s Gun was being praised like, as it sounded with big explosion contrastingly, the bullet fired from Indian troops during these very encounters was seeming low sounded rather it was named as SORETAAS in Kashmiri Language. Oh! I was pointing this very explosive sound is being fired from inner of the building means fired from Mujahideen’s. My classmates as well as schoolmates were signing Hush! That is low sounded means fired from military. During this course a pin drop silence occurred:
Alas! Sheeraz Sahab, Encounter is occurring at your home
As that voice beat and bashed the ear drums of our Science teacher, his face reddened as adrenal rush befell within no time because he apprehended that what convention he dictated till, is ought to be faced by him and his heirs. Things now took U-Turn. Now teachers and students started to pacify him. It is up to Almighty Allah. ‘Don’t be worried, everything will be okay.’ But he seemed very much frightened and agonized. In spite of that, a clear-cut policy was live in action in those very days that everything will be seized of whom this encounter transpire. This priori info frazzled him worse to worst. The guns were still booming with high tense power. As the bullet was fired. Some tried to run in the room corners, others lay on the floor. Every few seconds, we heard the crackle of bullets. Kalashnikovs used by Mujahideen sounded different from the machine guns and other rifles used by the paratroops.
Besides this, the usual parameter of the crackdown was that forces used to capture the civilian from any random home and send him to announce regarding that, the whole village had been surrounded. So the shivered men might enter into masjid, with an abrupt loud announcement over the mosque’s public announcement system: Asalam-u -aliekum!
This is an urgent announcement:
The army has cordoned off the village. Everyone is being ordained to assemble in the hospital ground or in school ground, or in lawns of popular tree adjacent to main market of Mohmmad pora, Tazi Pora.
(To be continued.)

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