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Who will become the saviour of Kashmiri women?

Who will become the saviour of Kashmiri women?
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Dr.khursheed Ahmad  & Dr.yaqoob Allie

The beauty of Kashmir valley is unparalleled. Kashmir is known for its beauty, natural resources, customs, hospitality, and the resistance which is inherent in Kashmiris since antique. Kalhana writes about Kashmir “learning, lofty houses, saffron, icy water and grapes; things that even in heaven are difficult to find are common here.” Jahangir the Mughal king called it ‘’The Paradise on Earth”. Sir Walter Lawrence writes “The Capital is well named the City of the Sun, for summer or winter the sun smiles and sparkles in Kashmir. The air is no mere compound of gas, but a blend of dance and laughter, smiling even in drear December when the temperature is below zero”

Kashmir has been a land of peace more than the land of beauty_ abode of mystics, Sufis and great spiritual men and women. Kashmir accepted Buddhism peacefully. It accepted Islam with peace. Following lines of Kalahana give us an insight of its love for Peace and its inborn resistance to domination and violence” That country may be conquered by the forces of spiritual merits, but not by the forces of soldiers” It seems that God also wanted the Kashmir to be at peace so he placed it in the lap of snowy mountains and beautiful canopies. It is protected by the mighty Himalayas from all sides. Its Crystal clear Lakes, when viewed from above appear as gemstones of various colour shades spread on a velvet carpet. Its rivers flow seamlessly from the bosom of mountain ranges replenishing its plains with fresh life

Kashmir is the first place on the earth to have a woman ruler. Yashowati ruled Kashmir long before the world stood up to empower womenfolk. Kashmir females are known for their bravery intelligence and beauty since ancient times. Kashmir has the distinction of being a place ruled by more than 30 female rulers. Kashmir has been a hub of education since its birth. One can’t miss mentioning LalaDed, the great bhakti saint, the transcendental mystic and the epitome of women endurance venerated, adored and revered both by Muslims and Hindus .Her poetry called vakhs are great pearls of wisdom. Kashmir has given birth to great poetess, Haba Khatoon known as the Nightingale of Kashmir. A legendary figure in Kashmiri literary history, her poetry is immortal.

Not only is Kashmir known for its beauty and Peace but is also famous for its resistance. It is the most militarised zone on the earth. The highest level of human rights violations takes place in this part of the world.

The illegal Indian occupation has turned it into battlefield and wounded and scared its beauty as well as peace. As a result of this conflict the women folk have suffered the most; they have been subjected to immense turmoil.

This conflict has rendered hundreds and thousands of women widows, a countless no of children are orphaned because of it.Hundreds of unnamed graves are scattered throughout the valley and there are hundreds and hundreds of cases of force forced disappearances in Kashmir. Thousands of women have been raped as a result of this illegal occupation by India, the Kunanposshpora mass rape case and AasiyaNilofer rapeand are just a few horrific examples. Women have suffered the most because of this conflict. Whenever a killing takes place, a mother who loses her son, a sister loses her brother; a wife loses her husband, a daughter her father. Half widow’ is a word which Kashmiri conflict has given birth to. In other parts of the world either a women is married ,or unmarried or a widow but here in this hapless valley we have this category as well – half widow, is a lady whose husband left home and never came back. And She does not know whether he is dead or alive and hence she is neither a married women nor a widow but a half widow. lawlessness is what rules this land, anything can happen here , innocent killings forced disappearances, rapes, illegal detentions, curfews , restrictions, mysterious fires , detention of children etc. nobody is held accountable for all this , as is it is the government itself which is responsible for all this.

As if all this was not enough the Kashmiris are now facing another problem, the braid chopping, which has created great terror especially among the womenfolk, as the braid chopping incidents are increasing day by day. The womenfolk are feeling unsafe even inside their homes, somebody comes in the broad daylight, makes you unconscious, chops the braid and leaves unnoticed, and this is making them Apprehensive. Again it is women whose hair is being chopped off by unknown persons, who come out of nowhere and make the women unconscious, then chop your hair and vanish without anybody even noticing them. Who is behind this braid chopping? Which religion of the world preaches its disciples cut the hair of women? Where are security forces and the police who claim to be our protectors? Where is the government, what measures has it taken to safeguard it’s womenfolk from these choppers. WHO WILL PROTECT KASHMIRI WOMEN?
Dr Khursheed Ahmad Padroo is a Kashmir based Physiotherapist, while as Dr.Yaqoob Allie teaches at Govt. Degree College Pattan. 

Disclaimer: Views expressed are exclusively personal and do not necessarily reflect the position of Oracle Opinions.


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