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Rajnath Singh’s Kashmir Visit A Pure Hoax

Rajnath Singh’s Kashmir Visit A Pure Hoax
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Let’s go back to the year 2016; known for Mass Civil Uprising, Killings, Strikes, Resistance Calendars, Curfews, Crackdowns, and most importantly “the year of pellets and dead eyes”. For about five (5) months, Kashmir Valley remained shut from the normal course. And Kashmiri people observed a great Civil Uprising along with dead eyes rendered through extensive use of pellet guns by Indian Troops in Kashmir last year.

It was witnessed that people of Kashmir followed the resistance calendar (given by the Joint Resistance Leadership (JRL) with Great Spirit, and children, women and men were seen actively participating in the protests and processions. It was continued with stringent curfews in the whole Kashmir Valley through the state administration. Not only Economy of the state came under the tag of extinction but there were other areas that remained unfocused from the public due to some reasons. It was chaos and confusion surrounding everywhere in the valley accompanied with depression and its related phenomenon.

And thereafter a delegation from different political parties of India was sent to Kashmir in order to frame a solution accepted to all, mainly to Kashmiri Masses. And it was seen that no among the resistance leaders met the delegation as a clear message to the Indian State to shun the way of forwarding conditional dialogues aimed to useless outputs.

In the recent visit of Indian Home Minister Rajnath Singh, who termed his visit as purely unconditional and has said he, without having any preconditions, will be talking to every individual in the valley including the Resistance Leaders. And what was seen is that he visited the valley with no conditions but he didn’t meet the subject which he himself stated in his statement.

There are many questions in the people’s minds and they seem to have confusion in Rajnath Singh’s visit to the valley. They say, for what this visit was? They are unable to comprehend the true sense out of it. Is it for the media to show that the Indian State does care for the valley, or it is something else which is invisible till any unexpected outcome?

Rajnath Singh’s visit has actually served as a pure hoax because the statement he gave didn’t meet the actual reality. He met the mainstream leaders and other affiliated groups based in Kashmir, but he didn’t meet the actual Resistance Leaders whom people regard as the mainstream leaders of Kashmir Valley, and whom people follow in true essence. The Resistance Leadership who has good control over Kashmir. This fact actually came to be faithful since 2008 and people gained faith over this fact in the year 2016 when people followed their protest calendars.

There’s a theory called the theory of inclusion and many philosophers and writers are seen to be its advocates. The theory says that if there’s any chaos, odd situation, the inability of comprehensiveness, then there’s a need to have inclusion; inclusion of it’s every component, every phenomenon, and then can the solution will be crafted. If this theory is related to the Kashmir Conflict, then there’s certainly a big goof in Indian State’s intervention and approach. There’s a need to involve all the stakeholders so as to reach a real consensus which may be accepted by every representative.

If there’s a claim by the Indian State of having a clean and pure policy over Kashmir, then their every step should replicate so. Otherwise, there will be same situation and the Indian State will be framing policy after policy without the inclusion of the faces and groups with whom people relate, join and follow.

I happen to visit some places of Kashmir with only one question and that is, what is the solution of Kashmir Conflict?I asked this question to many people including young lot. The answer was unanimously framed by the people belonging to different areas. They stressed upon having Kath Baath. They said a pure dialogue is needed to solve this depressive conflict. When I asked them with whom the dialogue should happen, they unequivocally said, India, Kashmir and Pakistan. “There is no fun of having a dialogue with Pakistan only or with Kashmir’s Mainstream Leadership; the need of the hour is to have a dialogue with Resistance Leadership”, said a 50-year-old resident of Kangan. There have been many dialogues with India and Pakistan but there was no pure dialogue with Kashmir because Kashmir is the problem and the both countries need to focus on it entirely. “If there’ll be a thousand dialogues with Pakistan excluding Kashmir there’s no chance of getting any solution, or for that matter, if India will hold a thousand numbers of dialogues with Kashmiri Mainstream leaders, there are no chances of attaining any point”, said a former government servant. He further stated, “at least 90% people of Kashmir follow the Hurriyat”. Therefore, India should hold an unconditional dialogue with Pakistan and all the stakeholders of Kashmir including Kashmiri Resistance Leaders. Then there will be definitely a solution of this long destructive conflict.

Otherwise, it’ll be still under the same tag; conflict and will again be witness to many killings, rapes and other human rights violations. Therefore there’s a need to have changed in the Indian State’s Policy regarding Kashmir. Mere visits cannot give anything constructive.



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