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Insurgency in the social fabric of Kashmir

Insurgency in the social fabric of Kashmir
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Mohmmad Iqbal

A nation which tasted the cosmopolitan cultures indoctrinated by world’s tallest civilization known as Kashmir facing fearlessness to resist against occupation despite killing, raping, detention, subjugation, and deprivation of rights. The insurgency cannot be imposed or thrust to a society with a senseless motive for a period of almost 3 decades. It is series of broken promises from 1931 till this date. The 1965 insurgency was totally perpetrated by state actors and the Kashmiri wishers vehemently nullify it with hallow slogans. JKLF was so much lured by such extreme tactic resulted in a platform for subjugated and oppressed people. The planned Ganga Highjack in 1971 instigates educated youths to opt ultras way. Indra-Abdullah accord in 1975 became the moral ethical and legal justification for Kashmiris. The booth capturing and election rigging in 1987 became another tangible justification for subjugated citizens. People were socially attached to Muslim United Front (MUF) which resulted in deep root to insurrection. The social dichotomy plays a pivotal role in baptizing the extreme ideology.

The role of traditions, social nomenclatures, religious sacredness and climate are also an impetus for galvanizing youths in rebel’s way. The Kashmiri Pheran is the cultural dress of Kashmir that covers the whole body and its wideness can conceal anything beneath it compels wearer kept arms inside. Historians believed that Akbar introduced Pheran in Kashmir to subdue the resistance temper of Kashmiris but it became counterproductive when it was used to hide AK47 under it. The words casually used in every nuke and corner nevertheless having different ideology manifested the approach of an oppressor and oppressed in the valley. The mystic (Sufi) culture in Kashmir attributes the religious sacredness which coordinates them for the same conviction as developed extrovert among people that represents the affection for creed. The Holy Relic movement in 1965 showed the emotional attachment of Kashmiris towards religion. The climate of Kashmir provides the sufficient space for people to assemble in a particular room (Hamam) within the mosque to share their ideas already infiltrated by time represented sociability which guides that very path.

The insurgency of Kashmir can be categorized into numerous phases which will enable us to explore different aspects of the subject, as the World renowned Sociologist Prof. Dr. Basher Ahmad Dabla (d: 2014) is of the opinion that militants haven’t any sound and sustainable ideology. The 1stphase of militancy started from 1989-1994 as the reign of fanatic, romantic and materialistic particularly in nature extreme subjugation by the  pro-government gunmen (Ikhwani’s), the mass surrender policy, internal clashes among armed groups and the unconditional called off armed struggle by JKLF were some solid events that depicts the philosophy of 1st phase. The period 1996-2002 was more reactionary than offensive as it was revengeful against tyranny of state-sponsored forces. It experienced Kargil war wherein insurgents were busy to create psychological warfare by attacking supply line vehicles. From 2000-2008 it was Islamic cum political convection to cause. Fidayeen attacks are the creation of this phase Afzal Guru is also a product of such tenure. Failure of talks between Hizbul Mujahidin and Indian establishment can be traced from this era. From 2008 onwards it

From 2008 onwards it is purely transitions from street resistance into armed struggle. It is a political failure phase which mobiles educated youths into insurgency, as famous expert on legal matters and International Relations Prof. Dr. Sheikh Showket reflects his views that “2008 provides an atmosphere for 2010 uprising and 2010 gives birth to Burhan. Burhan provided a space of mass agitation in 2016 which depicts the reality of impetus of insurgency.

The above altogether data provided us a series of events in implicit and explicit manner to explore the academic taste of subject. The subject will provide pedagogy how to change the corrupt prevailing system we are confronting. Through academic nature of subject, we can understand the modus operand of armed struggle as rarely found in a market as confined to security purpose only. The subject will become the source to future social scientists for sustainable and peaceful atmosphere.  It will provide lucid analysis of pros and corn of armed struggle and the subject to explore the worries and anxiety of suppressed class by occupying forces.

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