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Road accidents can be avoided by careful and cautious driving

Road accidents can be avoided by careful and cautious driving
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Disasters are no strangers and occur quite frequently. India has one percent of the total number of vehicles in the world but records 06 percent of the total road accidents .
Traffic rules and regulations have not been effective. Road accidents caused by improper driving can be avoided if the drivers are careful and cautious.
The pressure on roads in terms of increasing vehicular population shows an alarming increase. This results not only in restructuring the traffic flow, but also putting the road users life at a great risk.
Bad maintenance of roads is a major factor in road accidents in state of Jammu and Kashmir . The police from adjoining areas generally come out an the highways only after a crash.
Hospitals at regular distances, especially in rural areas and near accident prone locations are not established for immediate care. On the other hand, much valuable time is generally lost in reaching to a hospital.
It is obligatory on the part of driver or other person in-charge of the vehicle involved in the accident to carry the injured immediately to the medical practitioner. While, the medical practitioner has to attend to such injured person without waiting for procedural formalities (see.134 of M.V. act).
Loan scheme have also contributed in substantial increase in number of vehicles as it is easy to buy vehicle due to easy loan facility. However maintenance is a costly preposition , which requires awareness and expertise.
To corroborate on the strength of data, supplied by Chakra borty and Mehta(2001), following statements can be made:
Somebody dies on an Indian road after every seven minutes; and another is seriously injured after every two minutes. A total of 75,000 people are killed every year in road accidents, the highest in the world; another 350,000 are seriously injured. The economic loss arising out of road accidents is estimated Rs 60billion (60000 crore ) per year. National highways comprise only 1.5 percent of the entire road network, but accounts for 25 percent of all accidents and a shocking 34% of fatalities.
Causes of road accidents:
Improper driving causes 77% of the road accidents.Defective vehicles are responsible for more than 06% of accidents.Pedestrians contribute to 04% of accidents.Cyclists contribute 03% of road accidents in India.
Mobile phones are the serious hazards if used while driving and many believe that using a mobile phone while driving is far more dangerous than driving under the influence of alcohol.
The disaster management aspect of  road accidents statutory provisions must be carefully remembered  and implemented while driving as a precautionary measure, so to drive life at a free risk.
(Author is a social and RTI activist from Central Kashmir’s Ganderbal district.)

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